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6 Best Protein Shakes For Muscle Building – Muscle and Brawn

Proteins form the building blocks of our body. They contain amino acids which help in bulking up the muscular tissues, and are recommended for those who wish to build muscle without fat. If you observe the nutritional habits of bodybuilders, you notice that they have protein rich foods immediately after a workout session.

Proteins help in muscle repair and recovery after strenuous workouts. Whey protein is the best natural form of protein. Foods such as eggs, lentils, dairy products, pork, sea food and soy are also rich in protein.

If you are looking to build muscle, these shakes are extremely tasty, satisfying and also very protein rich.

6 Best Protein Shakes For Bodybuilders

1. Soy and Egg Shake

Combine the following ingredients in a blender for a yummy shake

Pour out the contents from the blender and serve topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tip: to make the shake brimming with froth, add ice cubes in the blender.

Egg and soy milk are healthy choices of protein. They are low in fat and hence would not lead to pile up of calories. Eggs are one of the inexpensive sources of good protein.

2. Banana and oatmeal shake

Combine all the ingredients together in a blender and garnish with nuts like slivered almonds.

Banana is rich in potassium and an instant energy giving food. It is high in natural sugars thereby avoiding the necessity of adding any sugar to the shake. Oatmeal benefits are many. It is a fiber rich food, healthy for the heart and also maintains the blood sugar levels.

3. Almond Blast

Combine all in a blender. Add peanut butter towards the end of blending for the crunchy bits while drinking your yummy shake. Almonds are a great source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

4. Berries and Cream Shake

Blend all; the lovely color will tempt you along with the nutritional benefits of the berries and whey protein.

5. Strawberry yogurt shake

Blend all together for a yummy yogurt based protein shake

6. Chocolate Coffee Shake

Blend all and enjoy the delicious chocolate coffee combo.

Your creativity is the key in developing many healthy protein shakes. In fact any milk shake added with a few scoops of whey protein will double up as a healthy protein shake.

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