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Dan Gable’s Home Gym –

Few athletes have ever been as dominant as the legendary Dan Gable. He wasn’t just a successful wrestler though. Gable’s dominance carried over to a successful coaching career. While at the University of Iowa, his wrestlers earned 15 NCAA team titles. If there was ever an athlete and coach to study, Dan Gable has to be at the top of the list.

If you haven’t studied his past before, the documentary below is a good starting point:

As for how Gable trained, many are surprised at the simplicity of his approach. There was no fancy periodization or state of the art facility. The only secret to Gable’s approach was working his ass off day in and day out. He trained with an intensity that would cause most men to break. His success was not derived from a particular program or piece of equipment. Instead, it came from dedication and desire. He outworked everyone. It was his passion and obsession.

As for where he channeled this passion, you can see his home gym below. So much can be learned by simply witnessing where Dan Gable trained as a youngster. Many will likely be surprised at the crude surroundings. His success goes against so much of what is marketed in today’s fitness industry. Gable’s gym was as low-tech as they come. No fancy equipment or programs, just old fashioned hard work.

Dan Gable was going to bust his ass no matter where he trained. And obviously where he trained didn’t matter. That alone is a lesson worth its weight in gold.

“Every time I worked, I was getting a little better. I kept moving that limit back and back. Every time I walked out of the gym, I was a little better than when I walked in.” – Dan Gable

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