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Personal trainer says he’s forced to park in parent-and-child bays because he’s too big for standard spaces

A PERSONAL trainer claims he is “too big” to fit in normal spaces – and has to park in parent-and-child bays instead.

Muscular Chris Goodwin, who is nicknamed The Greek Stallion, argued it wasn’t selfish and was his “only option”.

Chris Goodwin said he couldn’t get out of normal spaces

Chris said he was simply trying not to hit other cars by using the bigger bays

Chris said people became abusive over the issue
Channel 5

Appearing on the Channel 5 show Britain’s Parking Hell 2020, Chris argued he would hit other cars if he parked in normal spaces.

Speaking on the programme, the 20-stone PT said: “I’m a muscle-model champion. I’m a beast. Even if there are parking bays, I never bloody use them.

“I’ll just go and park in the same parent-and-child [bay], even if I’m on my own – I always do it.

“I don’t give a c**p what people think of me. I’ll do what I want. I can’t fit out of my car – I’m too big. I don’t think it is selfish, I really don’t.

“People take it way over the top because you’re parking in a bloody parent-and-child bay. They want to bloody fight you like Mike Tyson would.

“I still think anybody should be able to park there and that’s not being selfish. I think I should have my own bay saying, ‘The Greek Stallion’s Bay’.”

The personal trainer said bays needed to be wider to accommodate him.

Chris has already had run-ins over parking – last year confronted by a woman abusing him for using the spot reserved for busy parents.

But he argued he had been with his pregnant partner at the time and they both needed to be able to get out of the car.

He added: “When people are taking up lines in parking bays or using two spaces that’s annoying but if someone needs to use the parent-and-child bay they should be able to do it without any judgement.”



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It comes after a video went viral of the world’s worst driver – with the motorist making 15 useless attempts to reverse into a huge parking space.

Plenty of people have been shamed over their parking.

Here are some of the best parking fails out there.

Chris Goodwin said he was too big to fit in normal parking spaces
Channel 5

Chris said he had been abused in the past

The 20-stone personal trainer argued he was avoiding damaging other cars by choosing the bigger bays
Channel 5

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