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Martyn Ford Uses Insane New Home Gym For Killer Workouts – Fitness Volt

It is every bodybuilder’s dream to have their own, fully equipped home gym. Martyn Ford has been working on his own facility, and it seems to be coming together pretty well.

One of the most recognizable faces in bodybuilding, Ford is an absolutely monster of a man. Although he has moved away from competing, he is still always in the gym and working on keeping up with his enormous physique. He just puts it to use on the big screen now, as opposed to the stage he previously used, and he has shifted his focus to dabbling in MMA on the side.

Naturally, someone as devoted to fitness as Martyn Ford is, would want a top notch home training facility. After a good amount of time working on his gym, he recent posted an update to his Instagram. The set-up looks huge, and equipped with everything he would need.

“So, we are nearly there …. my gym is coming together slowly …. I think this has to be one of the best personal gyms going… @limitlessgymequipment @raze_strength just WOW … can’t wait to get going now and start to make some progress in here …. leg day tomorrow, and I cang wait … @vernonkay I hope you’ve packed your big boy pants for this one 😂😂😂”

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Sure enough, Ford did in fact do leg day the next day. His gym is full of equipment, from bench and squat setups, to a track to push sleds. Martyn used that track the next day, to work his glutes. He is pushing massive weight, and doing so in the comfort of his own facility.

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Another crazy aspect in his gym, is the fact that Martyn Ford has a place for his own personal DJ to play jams for him during his workouts. Most people would be satisfied with a speaker and stereo system, but not him. Instead he likes to give instructions on how to properly execute the leg press for the best results, then turn to the DJ and tell him to crank the music, before getting to work.

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There have been some pretty crazy home gyms that we have seen over the years, especially recently with all the craziness happening in the world. That being said, Martyn Ford certainly seems to have one of the best out there. He has already been able to put things to good work, and it does not seem that he is entirely finished with the building process, but it will be fun to see him break in all his new equipment.

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