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How to Stay Motivated and Moving While Staying At-Home 

Sticking with a workout routine can be tough, especially when you have to do it from home…

Every. Single. Day.

The lure of the couch, the fridge and Netflix can be distracting and oh-so tempting. How is one supposed to resist the temptation to just chill out?

Switching up your at-home workouts is a great way to keep yourself engaged and motivated. There’s a lot more you can do on a treadmill than simply run a certain distance or for a certain amount of time.

To save you from having to put together a fun and diverse workout schedule, we’ve done it for you.

Keep reading for a variety of workouts that includes twisting, climbing and facing the gauntlet!

Go For A Hike –

Contrary to what your brain may initially tell you, you don’t actually have to be outside to hike. This workout is meant to mimic going for a hike and gets you the same results.

Im-Press Yourself –

It’s easy to forget that you can do separate things with your upper body while using your treadmill. This workout gets your arms working too.

Sprint Intervals –

You’ve probably done them before…and there’s a reason. Sprint interval workouts are a fantastic way to get your blood pumping and your muscles firing.

Sidestepper Workout –

Facing forward, one foot in front of the other…isn’t the only way to get a good workout on your treadmill. Try this out of the ordinary workout to work some out of the norm muscles.

Be careful and use the side rails when changing directions to ensure that your feet are planted safely.

Rise and Fall –

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a hill workout. They may be challenging, but don’t let that stop you from reaping the benefits of this butt-busting routine.

Facing The Gauntlet –

To be fair, this workout involves exercises off of your treadmill. However, you don’t need much space and doing the exercises in tandem with your treadmill will get you a full-body workout that will build both endurance and strength.

With a workout routine that changes each day you’ll not only work a wider variety of muscles, you’ll keep your brain and interest engaged too. The couch and Netflix will be a great reward for meeting your fitness goals.

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