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We’ve helped transform hundreds of individuals and not just temporarily either.  The following 3 fundamental steps will actually keep you lean for life too.  

The Iceberg Illusion

A little side note before we jump in with two feet.  

These simple tips are powerful and simple to understand BUT, there’s still a process that needs to happen behind the scenes. 

Take the iceberg analogy for example, when you meet (or see) someone who’s truly lost weight for the last time, you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg. 

What you haven’t seen is the mistakes, the failures and the sacrifices made in order to get them to where they are in that moment. 

How do I know this?

​I’ve been there myself.

Now with that said, this article isn’t about me, it’s about you.  My story can be seen here if you wanna read that later.

3 Fundamental Steps To Keep You Lean For Life

1.  Become Self Aware 

The first step in becoming lean for life is to become self aware.  This helps you identify the habits holding you back because so often we go into auto-pilot and we do things mindlessly.  

Becoming self aware puts you in the driver’s seat of your mind and gives you more control of your habits in both your eating and your training.  Self awareness helps you uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back from truly losing weight for the last time.

You begin doing things not because you  ‘have to’ but because you ‘want to’.   You stop ‘trying’ to be healthy, because you just ‘are’.

You’ve changed your mindset from exercising because you ‘have’ to,  to exercising because you ‘want’ to, as you’re aware of why you’re doing it in the first place. 

Want to know the number one reason somebody loses weight for the last time?

The answer is they’ve taken control of their mind.  They have become self aware.

Remember, by simply becoming self aware of your habits, you instantly take hold of the steering wheel.

You immediately take control of the direction you’re currently headed. 

2. Know Your Numbers

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash
In so many areas of our lives we know the numbers like the back of our hands.

We track our budgets, our expenses, our sleep, our steps yet when it comes to things like nutrition and the amount of calories we consume,  not many people know these numbers. These numbers, as well as your body measurements, are so important to know for tracking your progress and understanding which direction you’re heading in.

If you know your numbers, you know exactly where you stand and you know exactly what you need to focus on moving forward.  Like anything, what gets measured gets managed.

For example, would you ask a bank for a loan without showing them your profits and losses? Of course not. The moment you ask for a loan, they expect you to know your numbers. 

Unless you’re 12 years old, you track your weekly and/or monthly spending right?

You do this because it gives you power in understanding where you spend your money, and what you need to sacrifice in order to get what you want.

Tracking your food, training and body measurements (chest, waist or hips) gives you this same power, but of course in a different context.

Once you know your numbers, you know what’s working and what you need to tweak to keep results moving forward. 

Remember, although this might seem tedious at first,  knowing your numbers gives you all the power you need to keep you lean for life.

3. Move Often

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash
Don’t overthink this. There is no secret formula to moving often.

Any form of movement to literally get you up and moving around can dramatically transform your body.  So many of us get caught up in the procrastination of “what is the best work out for fat loss” or “what’s the most effective running workout to burn the most amount of calories”.

We spend more time researching what the ‘best formula’ is for doing something that we don’t actually do the thing we’re researching.

I’m no exception to this paralysis by analysis.

Look, unless you’re training for a specific event, there’s no real need to overthink what specifically you must do in that workout. If your goal is weight loss, doing any form of resistance training is seriously going to help you transform your body.

The key here is movement and honestly, movement you enjoy. If you’re currently on a weight loss journey and you hate what you’re doing?  It’s time for a change.

As ‘cliche’ as this sounds, weight loss is a journey and a process.  If you’re not enjoying the journey, what are you going to do when you get to your goal? How will you sustain those results?

Excuse the pun here, but movement can come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Do you enjoy walking? Awesome, do it.

If you’re like me and love the weights room? Brilliant, throw those weights around like it’s your last workout on earth.

If you’re the polar opposite to me and enjoy running? Yep, you guessed it, do that too. 

It ALL counts as movement and it ALL helps.

Don’t just stop there though – find ways to move in your daily life.  

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Park further away from the shops and walk a little further.  
  • Same goes for work – park a little further away and take the opportunity to boost your daily step count. (You track that, right?)

Find ways to move in your day to day life and watch how fast your body transforms.

It All Starts With You…

Ultimately, there are many different ways you can remain lean for life.  The three tips outlined in this article however, are the fundamentals of success.  If you can do these three things well, I guarantee you will keep the weight off.

If you ask anybody who has successfully lost weight for the last time (myself included), they will all tell you that these are the three important factors that helped them become really successful.

It all starts with you becoming self aware, knowing your numbers and it’s up to nobody else but YOU to make the decision to get up and move.

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Aidan D’Arcy helps busy professionals lose fat for the last time. 

Recently overcoming binge eating and losing 15kg, his goal is to help others take control of their health by tailoring programs to their lifestyle.

Aidan is an established Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Online Coach for The Body Transformation Academy based in Belrose, Sydney.

​He inspires, motivates and educates ​his clients resulting in outstanding transformations.

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