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This week I’ve invited the writer to give us an easy, less-mess way to get rid of that Christmas tree. (Just don’t wait until February.)

The first year I lived in my current apartment was also the first year I bought my own Christmas tree. Which meant that when the holiday season ended and my tree had long since turned from festive symbol to dried-out fire hazard, it was up to me to dispose of the thing. (In past years, the task had fallen to my roommates.) This was also around the time I received a friendly, but strongly worded email from my building’s management company reminding tenants to wrap up our trees before dragging them down the stairs to the curb.

Christmas tree disposal, I quickly realized, isn’t a thing you think about until it is something you really need to think about. I had not thought in advance to purchase a plastic bag large enough to fit my tree. Instead, I used what I had on hand, a top sheet. Here’s how to do it.

Take off all your tree’s lights, ornaments, tinsel and other decorations. (Friendly reminder: You probably can’t dispose of a tree with anything still on it; check your local regulations.) Lay the sheet flat on the floor, and place the tree parallel atop it on its side. It should look as if the tree is a person in a bed. Tie the top corners of the sheet together around the tree. Repeat with the bottom corners to create a tree bundle.

It worked great. My tree made it down all four flights from my walk-up to the street without leaving a trail in its wake. I’ve used this tactic every year since. It’s stupidly simple but perfectly effective. It’s green — unlike your now-dead Fraser fir — and convenient. Join me in keeping your carpet needle free and your security deposit intact.

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