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Protein shakes are considered dietary supplements because they provide amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Protein shakes are used for muscle gain and because of this, athletes and gym enthusiasts take this shake so as to increase their muscle mass as well as improve their performance. If you combine protein shakes with resistance training, it will enhance muscle growth and improve physical performance owing to the fact that resistance training stimulates muscle protein synthesis as well as an increased intake of high-quality protein. When protein shakes are consumed there is an increased level of amino acids in the bloodstream and so this triggers the muscle synthesis. Even if you are on a weight loss diet, taking protein shakes will still help you retain and gain muscle. Here are some homemade protein shakes for muscle building:

To prepare: pour all the ingredients into the blender excluding the cinnamon powder then add a considerable amount of water. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on top to enhance the flavor. The best time to drink this is before workout or after workout.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The muscle milk protein shake is one of the best protein supplements with a great taste that you can buy if you want to build lean muscle mass. Muscle milk has a lot of flavors with great taste that you definitely will not want to miss. This supplement is not milk from muscles, the muscle milk has nutrients like the lean lipids which help to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. This product contains quality products and it also offers other products like cereal, pudding and protein bars.



Whey protein is a healthy nutrition drink which complements the necessary nutrition that the body requires every day. Whey is gotten from milk, butter and cheese which are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and this kind of protein have about 70-80 percent pure protein that is why it is considered one of the best and used by many body-builders, dieters and dancers. The whey protein supplies one of the most important nutritional ingredient our body needs and so many people consume it in large quantities, it is more like an energy drink.

Some of the benefits of whey protein powder

The whey protein powder is the best powder because it helps to build muscles faster efficiently and it also has the highest biological value ( BV) Which means that the body easily absorbs and utilize it as compared to other proteins like the beef protein, egg protein, and the soy protein. The following are the most powerful protein powders:


The protein shake diet is a low carb diet which is used to enhance weight loss quickly. The consumption of protein shakes increases protein intake and it ensures that our body is well saturated and the body is supplied with the most important nutrients.

You can follow this sample meal plan for your protein shake diet:


-Protein shake (2 servings)





The muscle milk genuine protein shakes helps to aid muscle growth, muscle rebuilding, and the maintenance of muscle mass. It is a combination of blended high quality proteins as it helps enhance workout recovery, it also provides a more sustained energy and it helps build strength in a gluten free formula. One muscle milk protein shake contains a combination of high-quality slow releasing and fast releasing proteins in order to provide a long lasting delivery of protein as compared to whey alone to help build your strength.


Homemade protein shakes for muscle gain are protein shakes you can prepare at home, and many people who are willing to build muscle have made it a point of duty to meet their different needs. The protein shake helps bodybuilders gain muscle and those who are on a diet take this easy-to-prepare shake as a replacement for whole meals. In order to be sure to get the healthiest protein shake for muscle gain, it would be better if you can prepare your own homemade version so that you will be assured that all the ingredients in the shake are good for you and they are what you want. This is the best because most protein beverages which are available in the stores and supermarket are not very healthy. It is either they have high sugar contents which alter any potential benefits that other ingredients in the shake may have, or they contain preservatives which are not good for your health.

The first thing you should get before you start making your protein shake for muscle gain is your heavy duty blender most especially if you will be preparing this more frequently. Your shake’s main ingredient is protein, you can get good protein shake powders in the market that do not contain too much sugar or fat content, be sure to read the label before buying any. If you want your shake to have a very creamy texture and a great taste, use milk instead of water to mix it. Another thing to bear in mind is what kind of milk to use, you have the whole milk, skim milk or low fat milk- choose based on your calorie needs and your exercise intensity. A vegetarian should go for soy milk and when measuring the quantity of milk, two cups of milk for every scoop of powder is enough.

Add fruits like berries to your protein shake if you are making it for consumption after a workout session, so that these fruits will help you restore depleted energy and help you build muscle. You could use oatmeal if you wish. When you consume protein shakes that have carbohydrates, it can enhance your muscle building. Add a little fat too and the little flax oil will boost the chances of your body producing testosterone which is important to gaining muscle.

You can put nuts like peanuts, almonds and walnuts in your shake as they are other sources of healthy fat. Avocado oil or a little bit of the fruit can help meet your fat requirement. Some people can decide to add fish oil to their shake as a fat source, in case they do not have any other fat source, but they will get a fishy taste in the shake. It is good to add other vitamins and mineral supplements to your shake, they are available in powder form in some stores, but in case you do not get, you can grind them before adding them to your protein shake.


Proteins are very good for quick weight loss and it helps it burn calories, it boosts metabolism, repairs tissues, increases your stamina, it enhances muscle strength and builds strong bones. Best protein foods for weight loss include:


You can take whey protein at any time of the day as it will be very helpful in gaining weight if you abide by the following principles; using whey protein to gain weight will be very effective:

Whey protein powder can be used to gain weight this way:


Green smoothie for muscle gain is very effective, it is a good post workout smoothie filled with nutrient dense ingredients like chia seeds and collagen powder. The green smoothie is a good post workout smoothie because of the following reason.

Green smoothie contains apple, banana and avocado (these are fruits and vegetables that provides the exact amount of sweetness and vitamins.

Like this:

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