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Myth – Sweeteners Damage Health

A low intake of Sweeteners is unlikely to be damaging for health. As with any substance, the “dose makes the poison”. However, there is no need to “force” their inclusion into an individual’s diet. Individualise the quality and inclusion of artificial sweeteners in a weight loss program based on your preferences. If you are consuming large amounts of sugar (and calories) replacing these foods and beverages with calorie-free alternatives may be an incredibly simple intervention to improve your health.

Truth – When Consumed in Low Amounts Sweeteners Are Unlikely To Have a Negative Impact on Health.


Myth – The Personal Trainer Motivates You

What Self-Determination Theory, a theory about where motivation comes from, states is that motivation is something that comes from within us. It has helped us understand that the role as personal trainers is to create a motivational environment by supporting your basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness.

A Personal Trainer cannot “motivate” you, but can create an environment where you feel like you have control and choice (autonomy) as you can succeed and that you have challenges equal to your level of skill (competence) and that you feel like you belong and accepted (relatedness). In the end, YOU have to be determined to achieve your goals. Your personal trainer can’t train and eat for you. 

Truth – A Personal Trainer Creates A Motivational Environment


“The Role of Exercise and Physical Activity in Weight Loss and Maintenance”

For most people, the main fitness goal is often synonymous with weight loss. However, very few of them understand how little fat loss exercise alone produces. In most cases less than 2 Kg!

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