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Britney Spears accidentally burned down her home gym – CNN

Although the fire destroyed most of her equipment, the star did not let it get in the way of an impressive home workout, and seamlessly transitioned into a fitness routine of weights, squats and lunges.
“Unfortunately now I have only two pieces of equipment left lol and a one-sided mirror gym,” she wrote, adding: “But it could be much worse so I’m grateful.”
Spears has been trying her best to keep fans occupied during isolation.
In March, she announced she would pick three people whom she would help buy much-needed items as communities face home isolation, supply shortages and mounting unemployment.

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Viking Muscle Supplements Guide

The Viking Muscle approach to supplementation is simple, it is the same approach I have for all things diet or fitness related…

Supplement only the basic vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and aminos that you are not getting from your diet.

The fitness and supplements industry is a 39 Billion dollar market! Stop giving them your hard-earned money for useless products and information!

Every time I go to the gym I am bombarded with marketing material trying to convince me that if I take Supplement X before my workout I will hit a new personal record, lose 10% of my body fat  and get the most amazing ‘pump’ of my entire life!  It is no surprise that these companies are cash cows, their messaging is effective and cuts to the core of what every man wants to hear.

“If I take this pill or scoop of powder, I will look like a fitness model… I can bypass all the hard work, dieting, and heavy weights, and just let the supplement do the work…”

The problem is, it doesn’t work that way. As much as I wish I could take a pill and never have to worry about eating entire boxes of Honey Buns again, simple body mechanics won’t allow it.  There is no pill or powder that will do the work and sacrifice for you, sorry.

The good news:

There are supplements available today that are well worth your money! Here is the list of Viking Approved Supplements:


A good high quality food based (easier to digest) multivitamin will help you easily get all the vitamins you may not be getting from your daily diet.  This is usually true for dieters that eat a very specific set of meals every day and don’t get enough greens or fruits.  In the long run, a multivitamin can be thought of as a safety net for covering any would be deficiencies in your daily routine.  For my money, it’s worth the small investment.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the health community as it has been show time and time again that most people are not getting near enough on a daily basis.  This deficiency has been linked to a whole series of health problems like obesity, bone weakness, chronic pain, and depression.   Furthermore, many serious athletes are finding significant strength and performance gains when supplementing Vitamin D correctly.  I recommend taking in 2,000 to 3,000 IU’s a day in a liquid gel cap pill.  Some people recommend much higher doses especially during the winter when we are indoors more.  You can also get tested to find you current natural levels to fine tune your intake, but in general 2,000 to 3,00 IU’s will cover most people for general supplementation.


Calcium is easily consumed in most regular diets, so supplementation is not always necessary.  However, because it has an important role in fat loss and hormonal regulation, you should be sure you are getting consistent amounts of calcium on a daily basis.  For most people, adding about 500mg daily will be enough to get to optimal levels.

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil is a definite must have for any serious athlete or dieter.  For your money, there are few other supplements on the market that can offer the benefits that you get from Fish oil.  Fish oil is a form of fatty acid that is derived from the cells of fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are the two fatty acids that have been linked to so many recent breakthroughs in health discoveries.  Again, with any supplement, if you are eating a large amount of fatty fish on a regular basis you may not need to supplement.    Fish oil will help with muscle growth, mood stability, prevention of cancer, bone health, and optimizing cholesterol levels.


Only in the last year have I introduced probiotic’s into my supplement regime, but I wish I had done it sooner.  When dieting for extended periods, the gut can get pretty sensitive, adding a probiotic with meals has really helped me feel good regardless of what I’m eating.  A probiotic can be very helpful with people who are sensitive to gluten, have IBS, or Chrons disease.  I take 5 Billion CFU (colony-forming units) with each meal. The microorganisms in probiotic supplements need to be alive when you take them. They may die on exposure to heat, moisture, or air. Some require refrigeration.


For years now, creatine has been proven to be an extremely effective supplement to boost athletic performance and recovery, and enhance muscle growth.   Creatine is cheap, you can buy it in bulk and mix it with almost anything.  You don’t need to do a ‘load’ phase like many would have you believe, you can start by taking 5g each day before or after a workout.  I usually mix it in with a protein shake.

Whey Protein:

Again, protein can and should be consumed in your regular diet through various meats, eggs, fish, and other natural sources.  However, for those dieting and having trouble reaching your protein macros, a quick whey protein shake can help make sure you are getting enough.  A protein shake is also an easy way to get a low-calorie meal that can fight off fits of hunger.  In a study done by the community at reddit, Optimum Nutrition’s Performance Whey beats all competitors for quality.

And that’s typically it…  Don’t believe the marketing hype, hard work is the only thing that will get you the lean fine tuned body you desire.

I may add to this as new products or supplements pique my interest enough to claim that everyone should be taking them, but those cases are very rare.  If you feel I have left anything out or question my list, leave a comment to discuss why.

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Whole body vibration shakes up microbiome, reduces inflammation in diabetes

Whole body vibration shakes up microbiome, reduces inflammation in diabetes
Drs. Babak Baban and Jack Yu Credit: Phil Jones, Senior Photographer, Augusta University

In the face of diabetes, a common condition in which glucose and levels of destructive inflammation soar, whole body vibration appears to improve how well our body uses glucose as an energy source and adjust our microbiome and immune cells to deter inflammation, investigators report.

For the first time they have described how regular use of whole body vibration can create this healthier mix by yielding a greater percentage of macrophages—cells that can both promote or prevent inflammation—that suppress rather than promote.

In their mouse model, investigators at the Medical College of Georgia and Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University have also shown that whole body vibration alters the microbiome, a collection of microorganisms in and on our body, which help protect us from invaders and, in the gut, help us digest food.

Changes they saw included increasing levels of a bacterium that makes short chain fatty acids, which can help the body better utilize glucose, they report in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Glucose is used by the body for fuel but at high levels promotes inflammation, insulin insensitivity and ultimately can cause diabetes.

While there were other changes, the most dramatic they documented was the 17-fold increase in this bacterium called Alistipes, a gut bacterium not typically in high supply there but known to be proficient at making short chain fatty acids which, in turn, are “very good” at decreasing inflammation in the gut, says Dr. Jack Yu, chief of pediatric plastic surgery at MCG. Alistipes, which helps ferment our food without producing alcohol, generally improves the metabolic status of our gut and makes us more proficient at using the glucose we consume for energy.

When they saw this, co-corresponding authors Yu and Dr. Babak Baban, immunologist and interim associate dean for research at DCG, immediately thought that giving a dose of the bacterium, like you would a medication, with a smaller dose of whole body vibration—in this case 10 minutes versus 20 minutes five times weekly—might work just as well, and it did, they report.

It what appears to be this good chain reaction, when Alistipes went up, glucose use and the macrophage mix also improved, Baban says. “The sequencing is not yet completely clear,” Yu says, “But it appears to be a closed loop, feed forward, self-magnifying cycle.”

Our microbiome, like a casserole, is in layers and one way whole body vibration may work is by rearranging those layers, Baban says, but they reiterate that no one is certain just how whole body vibration works in this or other scenarios, like as an exercise mimic without all the proactive movement.

But it appears to help address a key concern in diabetes and many common diseases: inflammation. While acute inflammation helps us fight disease, chronic inflammation helps start and sustain a variety of diseases from cardiovascular problems to cancer as well as diabetes.

With rates of inflammation-producing obesity and related type 2 diabetes increasing—even in children—new therapies that can directly help avoid the health consequences are needed, they write. They add that while more work is needed, whole body vibration might be one widely applicable and generally safe approach to use.

Macrophages, which promote inflammation, called M1, and suppress inflammation, called M2, play an important role in regulation of the inflammatory response. The inflammatory status of macrophages also influences the gut microbiome and vice versa.

In Baban and Yu’s mouse model of type 2 diabetes, where circulating glucose levels are high, they wanted to know how whole-body vibration affected the inflammatory status of macrophages and the diversity of the microbiome. They theorized their diabetes model would have more M1s, and that whole body vibration would result in more M2s and yield changes in the microbiome as well.

They found both a significant increase in the number of M2s as well as increases in levels of other anti-inflammatory molecules like the cytokine IL-10, in both normal mice and their diabetes mouse model after vibration. In fact, whole body vibration restored M2 levels to that of normal controls.

In the microbiome, they saw numerous shifts but by far the most significant was the increase in Alistipes and a general decrease in the diversity of the microbiome.

They note that while more diversity is generally considered a good thing, in this case the shift likely resulted from an increase in species like Alistipes, which can produce short chain fatty acids like butyrate, which result from the fermentation of dietary fiber in our gut and which feed inhabitants of the microbiome, are highly anti-inflammatory and can help reverse ill effects of high-fat diets, they write.

Theirs is the first study to document crosstalk between the microbiome and innate immunity by altering the macrophage mix with whole body vibration. Innate immunity is a sort of basic defense that immediately responds to invaders in the body and includes physical barriers like the skin as well as immune cells like macrophages, which are key to this response. In this scenario, macrophages, for example, release other cells called cytokines that help trigger inflammation. Adaptive immunity is when the body makes a specific cell, like an antibody, to target a specific invader.

They note that it’s still impossible to know whether the microbiome or macrophage shift comes first but theorize that making more glucose available to macrophages fosters inflammation and insulin resistance.

Another experiment they want to do to better define the order, is to delete the macrophages and see if they still see the other effects, Baban says.

But either way, the investigators say the clear interaction provides more evidence that whole body vibration can turn down inflammation.

The microbiome lives in the mouth, gut, vagina and skin—mostly in the gut— at points where our body comes in contact with foreign items to help protect us from invaders. In the gut it helps us digest and use our food.

Scientists have found more than 8 million genes represented in the bacteria, fungi and viruses that comprise a healthy human microbiome while the human himself has more like 20,000 to 25,000 genes. Obesity has been associated with a less-diverse microbiome, which is actually more efficient at digesting food.

In diabetes, whole body vibration is known to reduce ill effects like excessive urine production and excessive thirst, Yu reported in 2012 to the Third World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Chinese Descent. That work was in a mouse model, which mimicked overeating adolescents. Vibration also reduced inflammation levels, including shifts in some immune cell levels. Vibration also was better than drugs at reducing A1C levels, which provide a better idea of your average blood sugar levels than a fasting glucose by showing what percentage of your oxygen-carrying hemoglobin is routinely coated with sugar. High glucose, or blood sugar levels, may result in sugar binding to cells and other places inside the body where it can alter function.

“Hyperglycemia is not good,” says Yu. “When it happens you perturb the normal.”

While Alistipes, which does not survive well outside the body, is not currently a part of probiotics or even yogurt cultures, for these studies the investigators used levels of other bacterium, like lactobacillus, found in yogurt to determine how much to give when they tried the Alistipes as a medicine adjunct to whole body vibration.

Alistipes is found in plants, and levels have been shown to be decreased in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s. Higher levels have been associated with depression, and high levels can be found in the gut of hibernating bears.

A 2017 study published in Endocrinology by Drs. Alexis Stranahan and Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence at MCG, provided evidence that in their animal model of obesity and diabetes, whole body vibration was essentially the same as walking on a treadmill at reducing body fat and improving muscle and bone tone, including reducing seriously unhealthy fat around the liver, where it produces damage similar to excessive drinking.

More information:
Jack C. Yu et al. Whole Body Vibration-Induced Omental Macrophage Polarization and Fecal Microbiome Modification in a Murine Model, International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2019). DOI: 10.3390/ijms20133125

Journal information:

Whole body vibration shakes up microbiome, reduces inflammation in diabetes (2019, August 5)
retrieved 5 August 2019
This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no
part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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Popular dad and teacher dies after collapsing on gym treadmill

A father-of two has died after collapsing while he was on the treadmill at the gym.

Staff carried out CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on 40-year-old Gareth Parry and he was taken to hospital after he collapsed.

Mr Parry, who had two young children, worked as a deputy headteacher and was a keen sportsman.

His father-in-law Dennis Pritchard described him as “kind, generous and loving”.

He said: “Gareth was a dedicated family man.

“He was as unbelievably kind, generous and loving person as you would come across.

“He would do anything for anyone.”

Mr Parry, who was deputy headteacher at Ysgol Friars in Bangor, collapsed at the Arfon Leisure and Tennis Centre in Caernarfon on Wednesday.

His family thanked those who had come to his aid after he collapsed and said they were grateful for all of the support they have received.

Ysgol Friars Bangor where Gareth Parry worked

Mr Pritchard said his daughter Zoe, who has been with Mr Parry for 17 years and married for 11 years, had been left devastated by her husband’s sudden death.

He had a 21-month old daughter, Beth, and six-year-old son, Jack.

Mr Pritchard told the Daily Post : “It is such a shock. He went out of the house in a jolly good mood and this has happened.

“We are all still really raw. Gareth and Zoe had their 11 year wedding anniversary last week.”

Mr Parry grew up in Llanrug near Caernarfon and took on jobs including working as a PCSO and at an oil depot before he moved into teaching.

He worked as a primary school teacher in Mid Wales before working as a maths teacher at Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno.

From there, he moved to Ysgol Friars in 2007 to work as deputy head teacher.

Mr Pritchard said: “He was a real brainbox.

“He was a highly respected teacher and everyone loved him.

“I don’t think I have ever heard a bad word about him. Everyone loved him and he loved everybody as well.”

Outside of teaching, Mr Parry was a keen sportsman who had represented Wales in weightlifting as a youth.

Mr Pritchard said he would still work out “three or four times a week”.

“In his day he played rugby and football regularly”, he added.

Mr Parry had also just completed a coaching course and was planning to set up an under seven football team in his local area after finding nowhere for his son to play.

Gwynedd council confirmed that staff at the leisure centre administered CPR on Mr Parry.

A spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends at this very sad time.”

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Growth Hides in the Negatives | Kitchener Personal Trainer – Titan Training

One lesson that I try my best to make sure my clients exploit in their training and their life is to understand that growth hides in the negative.

In training terms, it’s a well known fact that the eccentric part of a motion (the negative) has numerous adaptations and benefits especially in terms of GROWTH.

Yet, if you watch most people in the gym you’ll notice pretty quickly that they avoid the negative like the plague – Ripping through rep after rep mindlessly with just a number as their end goal.
Because of this lack of willingness to explore and suffer through the negative they may be drastically reducing the benefits they get from their workouts and seriously slow down in their progress.

The same thing happens in our everyday life.

We tend to view the negative as this horrible thing to be avoided at all costs and if it does happen we either mask it with substances or close ourselves off to it.


Don’t rush to find a way out.  Hang out there, learn from it, learn to let it mold you into something stronger.

The darkness holds answers to questions about the light.

Find those answers and you will inevitably invite more light into your life.

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78-Year-old Bodybuilder Opens His Home Gym to Youngsters for Free So They Won’t Get Into Trouble

Calvyn Fortuin isn’t just a role model for gym goers – he is also a hero to at-risk young people in his city.

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Muscle Supplements Testicular Cancer Lawsuits

Many thousands of men regularly rely on muscle-building supplements such as creatine or androstenedione to help them increase their muscle mass or develop more sculpted physiques. These pills and powders are especially popular with younger men who may wish for their bodies to develop more quickly. Now, a recent study has found that men, and especially young men, who use muscle-building supplements may be more likely to develop testicular cancer.

Muscle Supplements linked to Testicular Cancer in Research

According to an article featured online by, researchers have been puzzled by a dramatic increase in cases of testicular cancer in recent years. In 1975, 3.7 men in 100,000 were diagnosed with testicular cancer, while that number jumped to 5.9 per 100,000 in 2011. Tongzhang Zheng, lead author of the study at Yale University and currently a professor of epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health, says, “Testicular cancer is a very mysterious cancer. None of the factors we’ve suspected can explain the increase.”

In his study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, Zheng and his team sought to examine evidence that muscle supplement ingredients may cause damage to the testes. They interviewed 356 men with testicular cancer and 513 men who had not been diagnosed with the disease, taking into account subjects’ age, smoking and drinking habits, exercise habits, family histories, and prior injuries to the groin or testes.

The researchers found that men who use one or more supplements once a week for at least four consecutive weeks have a 65% higher risk of testicular cancer. They also found that the odds are even higher for men who use more than one type of supplement and for men who regularly used supplements for three years or more. Men who began to use muscle supplements before the age of 25 had a much higher rate of testicular cancer.

According to Zheng, “If you used at earlier age, you had a higher risk. If you used them longer, you had a higher risk. If you used multiple types, you had a higher risk.”

Schedule a Testicular Cancer Lawsuit Consultation

Our personal injury and product liability attorneys are currently investigating muscle-supplement testicular cancer lawsuits on behalf of clients from across the United States. If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and have used muscle-building supplements regularly or at a young age, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional damages. For more information, please contact us today to schedule a confidential legal consultation at no cost to you.


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About a thirty day period ago My partner and i ran my very own first 5k. For a minimal perspective, You will find never, actually , ended up a walker. In fact , I possess always been incredibly anti -running, and would frequently wonder why would any one want to run.

I’ve at all times enjoyed exercise, but When i fell from the fitness car for a few many years (something regarding babies along with toddlers… ). In August I actually heard the particular wakeup contact and realized it was a chance to take better care of myself. My spouse and i researched lot of options, via gyms towards Cross Match to a many types of video membership services. I actually settled on, coming from all things, functioning.

Running was the one possibility that couldn’t require a membership rights, I could carry out on my own time frame, and did not cost a lot of money. After conversing with friends who run (running is famous here in Lawrenceville, which means I am surrounded by a lot of seasoned, excited runners), My spouse and i signed up for any race, decided on a Couch to 5k strategy (there are a few different variations), bought a different pair of shoes, plus started training.

When I first began I used the treadmill. Many I had to try and do was get out of bed, get dressed up, and operated in the comfort and ease of my home. But as I embraced updates on my progress, very own runner buddies would lament about the home trainer: ‘I loathe the treadmill! ‘ ‘Ugh, the treadmill is the most unfortunate! ‘ ‘I would never go if I had to do it on a treadmill on a daily basis. ‘

I got a bit bewildered because I believed the treadmill has been great. Now that I’ve moved forward to operating outside, I see their very own point. Running outside is more pleasant— specifically the fresh atmosphere and within scenery. But I’m in this article to take up with the treadmill. It gets a negative rap, nonetheless I probably would not have been successful without them.

Rinse and Repeat

What really does the treadmill should do with high college and university? As a older, you may think that your time are invested in a treadmill— wake up, take to school, engage in activities, feed on dinner, end homework, nap. Rinse and repeat. A lot more fairly similar. When you see exactly the same scenery every day you start for you to wonder any time you get to jump off and also go anywhere.

I receive it— you aren’t eager to finish off high school and start on through life— prepared put the classes process behind you and measure into the ‘real’ world. True to life, like a contest, happens outside— in the elements— where a small amount of can be operated. When you perform outside weight loss control the next thunderstorm, the lessons (including typically the ups and downs, sometimes referred to as the inclines! ), or possibly how many hurdles are in your way on the path to the finish range. There’s enjoyment and anticipation as you put together to raise to the getting into line.

So, just how can you get appreciation for your monotony of your treadmill when you’re so desirous to get off it again? It comes down to perspective, and recognizing it as a crucial area of preparation along with training. I’ll share with you things to keep in mind:

It is safe.

The treadmill is a safety net as you may get started. You are free to control your personal pace, and also always know what’s next— whether it’s an increase in speed or even the incline— books choose that. You can perform at a specified speed, but in addition find instances to push harder or accelerator back. Your own senior season is similar— you basically know precisely next in terms of classes as well as other responsibilities. You have developed a good routine, and you simply know the way in which far you can push by yourself without getting overcome. This essential safety zone steadily builds an individual up until time comes to let it stay.

The treadmill is trustworthy.

It is at all times there. Rainfall or excel, cold and also hot, day time or evening, it’s now there, ready for one to jump on plus go. You possibly can count on it, plus it doesn’t adjust. Likewise, there are a reliable networking of people it is possible to count on likewise. Family, associates, teachers, mentors— you can rely on all of these drop some weight be presently there when you need them. You also have a trusted schedule. You know how your day is planned available (times just for classes and even activities will be set as well as clear), together with there do not get a lot of shocks. Even extensive, you know elaborate coming— as soon as college use are attributed, when holiday break you can do, the anticipated dates associated with prom and graduation. May possibly beauty on the things you will rely on when you look into the future.

It gets people ready for even more.

I did that! Thank you, treadmill, for getting me personally ready.

As I taken my instruction plan, When i gradually developed from 1-minute intervals to three, 5, ten, and 20-minute intervals. The few weeks, I can consistently operate a strong only two miles (still working on producing that ‘easy’ third mi.! ). At first it was difficult to imagine operating miles (plural) when I may well barely do three a matter of minutes. But over time, my thighs and leg (and lungs) were able to handle more. Midway through very own training I actually added open-air runs. It was a big manipulation. There was not force the movement other than myself. However time around the treadmill geared up me, i gained self-confidence with each step of the way.

The place most likely in now— at home, within high school, between family and friends just who know everyone and assistance you— almost all works jointly to prepare people for a specific thing bigger. Soon, you will be out in the available, making ones own choices and forging your path. Elementary school prepared people for central school; midsection school pertaining to high school; at this point high school just for college. Higher education is the greatest step out in the open to begin your special road contest. Everything differs. And that’s fine! Because any time you step demonstration speech ideas out, you will still step out prepared. The training an individual has gone through includes prepared one for your next venture.

The treadmill for life may be like a cycle of lather-rinse-repeat. And legitimately, that’s just what it is. Be glad about it!

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