Link between Muscle-Building Supplements and Testicular Cancer Found

This study built on past research which linked the muscle-building supplement, androstenedione, to testicular damage. However, as the study authors point out, “No analytic epidemiological study has examined the relationship between use of muscle-building supplements (MBSs) and testicular germ cell cancer (TGCC) risk.” To test the relationship between these supplements and testicular cancer risk, the […]

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Do muscle building supplements really help you get a fit body?

has many benefits, from improving brain function to boosting muscle strength. Those who lift weights might be familiar with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). They are extremely popular within the fitness industry. However, a recent research suggests the popular muscle building supplements are ineffective when taken in isolation. The study, involving the universities of Exeter […]

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Best Muscle Building Supplements For Fast Growth

Best Muscle Building Supplements For Fast Growth Home / Best Muscle Building Supplements For Fast Growth by totalmenslifestyle| Fitness || Packing muscles incredibly fast is the dream of every man in this world. Taking muscle building supplements everyday along with regular workout can turn this into reality but it also depends largely on the products […]

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