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Primal Muscle Supplements – Alpha Forge Review

Primal Muscle Supplements – Alpha Forge Review

Alpha Forge is one of the most preeminent testosterone boosting and estrogen-reducing supplements available, that features a science-backed blend of premium ingredients. Each dosage of Alpha Forge has been shown to ramp up testosterone in a natural and safe way. That is because, primal muscle supplements, including Alpha Forge, work with your natural anabolic hormone production to boost testosterone without suppressing the endocrine system.

Alpha Forge Ingredients and the Science Behind Them.

Gaining muscle mass while losing excess fat can be challenging. Alpha Forge is designed with a blend of effective ingredients that are included to do both.

Alpha Forge Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in Alpha Forge and what they will do for you:

Does Alpha Forge Really Boost Your Body’s Testosterone?

Let me put it as simply as I can, YES. Combining all the ingredients in Alpha Forge, this product will spike up your testosterone. As mentioned earlier, Bulbine Natalensis extract and Fenugreek powder extract (two of major Alpha Forge ingredients) have been proven to have steroid like benefits. Additionally, they can limit the production of the estrogenic hormones which indirectly allow for more natural testosterone production.

Are the Alpha Forge ingredients proven?

In short, yes. Alpha Forge has one of the most advanced blends of scientifically proven ingredients that are backed by scientific studies and research. The ingredients work together to increase free and biologically useful testosterone while lowering the conversion of testosterone to Estradiol. That results in a more anabolic environment within your body. Not only that, Alpha Forge has been formulated with ingredients that professional weightlifters and body builders have been harnessing for decades to gain immense muscle mass.

What are the Pros and Cons With Alpha Forge?

As with any supplement, Alpha Forge has its own pros and cons, but a lot more Pros:

Alpha Forge pros:

⇒ Quality Counts: When it comes to custom formulations, Primal Muscle Supplements spare no expense. Unlike other supplements that has a myriad of pixie dust, fillers, and junk as the ingredients, Alpha Forge is formulated with high-quality proven ingredients. There are no undisclosed ingredients, under dosing, fillers, amino spiking, or contaminants.

Enhance Libido: Ingredients such as Ashwagandha root extract and Mucuna pruriens extract can naturally boost libido, increase sex drive, and optimize your alpha drive. Besides, Chlorophytum Borivilianum is a natural aphrodisiac that increases sex drive and frequency of sexual behavior.

Reduce estrogen: By using DIM, Alpha Forge can lower estrogen hormones and enhance free testosterone concentrations naturally.

Boost energy and vitality: The increase in free testosterone allows for a massive boost in your energy that can power you through your day, workouts, and life in general. It also amplifies a sense of vitality.

Gain More Lean Muscle Mass: By optimizing testosterone and estrogen levels, Alpha Forge works to enhance muscle growth and fullness during your work outs.

Improve Focus: Besides increasing energy levels, Alpha Forge natural ingredients such as the Ashwagandha root extract has been known to lower body fats, enhance overall mood, increase cognitive function, and ultimately boost your focus.

Increase Stamina and Performance: Primal Muscle alpha Forge is meant to ramp up and revitalize your testosterone levels for increase performance and stamina. It is a results-oriented fat burning and muscle building supplement that can help you unearth your maximum potential.

USA manufactured: Alpha Forge like all other Primal Muscle products are manufactured in cGMP, a state of the art manufacturing facility. Also, all their raw materials undergo testing, COA, and have been approved by the FDA. That guarantees that you are receiving exactly what you order, the purest and the very best testosterone booster in the proper dosages.

Natural and safe product: Since Alpha Forge is all natural, you do not have to cycle off like you would with other harsh compounds such as anabolic steroids. This shows that it is safe to use, and it is not a risk to the endocrine system.

A 100% money-back guarantee: Alpha Forge guarantees satisfaction. It is backed with a guarantee that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, you can send the product back within 30 days and you will get a full refund.

The cons:

If I have to pick one, it lacks a crucial ingredient (D-Aspartic Acid DAA): DAA has been suggested clinically to promote the release and synthesis of luteinizing hormone as well as endogenous testosterone concentrations. Thus, it can enhance muscle size and augment natural fat burning processes. DAA would be a great addition to this formula.

Alpha Forge Verdict – Get Some!

Alpha Forge can increase your testosterone concentrations and unleash your alpha drive. All its ingredients are chosen and dosed at an accurate and proven amount to maximize the results. It is made from the premium compounds that undergo rigorous testing to create an elite natural testosterone boosting and estrogenic reducing supplement. Alpha Forge will help boost vitality, recovery, energy, muscle building, libido, and fat loss.

In other words, I am Recommending Alpha Forge as a quality supplement.

Get your Alpha Forge today by clicking the Amazon add below:

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The Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Muscle Supplements

If your pet isn’t suffering from a specific health condition that could be improved upon with muscle supplements, or a veterinarian doesn’t prescribe or even suggest muscle supplements, then supplementing a dog’s diet with muscle-building vitamins or powders is generally up to the owner’s discretion.

In general, if there is no good health related reason to use these supplements, they are not recommended, and a dietary adjustment should be followed instead to make the dog gain weight and muscle mass. No matter the reason, dog owners should always confer with a pet care professional to ensure this is right for their pet.

Why Give Pets Muscle Supplements?

Muscle supplements are not just for Pit Bull and Bully breeds, and they’re not given to dogs for aesthetic purpose. Below are some common good reasons owners may consider giving a dog muscle supplements.

1. Build muscles

Some owners may simply want their dog to appear more muscular. The motivation behind this may be to give a guard or watch dog a more intimidating appearance as they help protect property and their people.

Others may want their pet to better fit the description of a show dog to improve their chances of placement and make them more competitively successful. Owners of athletic dogs on a special diet may also give these supplements to optimize muscle building.

2. Build strength

Owners who routinely enter their dog into competitions that have multiple categories not just based on appearance, may choose to give their canine muscle supplements in order to make them stronger. There’s a number of dog sports where such supplements may be advantageous for the animal.

Agility competitions, one of the many canine sports, take place nationwide and year-round and within their demanding yet enjoyable environment the owners have just as much fun watching the event as their dogs do running, jumping, and hurdling around a challenging course. These dogs often receive specialized diet, where supplements may be a part of it.

3. Gain energy

Something as rudimentary as changes in routine and/or diet may impact a dog’s energy level. A change in routine could mean moving into a new home or even losing a loved one. Often dogs will express their uneasiness with a big life change or depression much the same way we do: losing interest in activities they once loved. While time heals all wounds, supplements built to promote activity can give your pet the boost they need.

This could be an option if your pet is simply having a hard time keeping up with others, this could be other animals in your household, friends at the local dog park, or even with competitors in local agility competitions you and your pupper love to enter.

If, however, their inability to keep up is the result of getting older, talk to your veterinarian as the change in energy level could mean they’re experiencing joint pain or other health problems, and supplements may ill advised.

4. Correct a vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is a common ailment among house pets. A lot of this is attributed to a poor diet on kibble, or canned food, or improperly balanced homemade meals cooked by their owner that do not provide them with all the nutrients their bodies require.

For animals not provided with enough valuable sources of Vitamin D or E, their muscles may not fully develop as puppies and/or their muscles may begin to deplete as they grow. You may have reasons to suspect this is occurring in your pooch if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Lack of growth (in puppies)
  • Lethargy
  • Joint pain (inflammation)
  • Bone deformities (typically in puppies)

A veterinarian and their staff will be able to test if this is what’s ailing the pup by evaluating enzyme levels in the blood. In addition to blood tests, they may request hair and saliva samples to do a full search of potential vitamin deficiencies. Vets treat this as a serious issue as it has the potential to lead to heart, kidney, and bowel diseases.

Important: Do not try to treat a vitamin deficiency in the dog yourself, particularly with muscle supplements, because an excess in vitamins can cause toxicity and a whole other slew of adverse effects. Talk to your veterinarian and have the dog tested first.

5. Help with muscle atrophy

Muscle atrophy is a muscle-wasting condition that is seen most commonly in senior or overweight canines. Animals with chronic thyroid issues, or arthritis, or those suffering from obesity often develop muscle atrophy.

Recent studies have shown that appropriate supplementation of muscle building proteins and nutrients can help greatly slow or stop the effects of muscle atrophy in dogs, giving your pet a healthier, happier lifestyle overall. But once again, this is something that must be determined by a veterinarian beforehand.

Ingredients of Muscle Supplements for Dogs

Many of these products will contain at least one or two of the following ingredients.


Creatine is a naturally-occurring amino acid, deriving from the liver that aids the body in its journey to build muscle mass. While canines, just like humans, create this acid in their bodies, particularly active dogs need an added dose of creatine, which they look for first and foremost in their diet.

However, from forest-dwelling wolves to common household pets, dogs’ diets may be lacking in some essential nutrients, such as these amino acids. You may choose to bulk up your dog’s daily meals by adding freshly seared fish, which is high in protein and amino acids including creatine, but there are also tasty dog treats concentrated with creatine you can purchase for your dog to consume between meals.


This property is responsible for energizing. The maltodextrin component may be particularly important to working dogs, such as those on a K9 force, search-and-rescue member, or dogsled team. Owners may choose muscle supplements with this additive for dogs with hobbies that require a lot of energy (agility courses, racing, hunting).

Maltodextrin is a product you may already be familiar with as it’s a common additive in human-grade foods. In moderation, maltodextrin – a byproduct of corn starch – acts as a natural energizer that also aids in muscle growth and revitalization.


Otherwise known as Vitamin B2, this nutrient is hailed for its ability to help the body break down complex carbohydrates. Once these carbs are consumed, they may either store as fat in the body or work to become muscle. The correct amount of riboflavin is the difference between healthy muscle mass and less-than healthy fatty mass.

Without B2, foods aren’t converted into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which essentially is fuel for the body. Because many muscle supplements for dogs are designed for owners of active canines, riboflavin is a common ingredient.


Whey protein and/or milk protein isolate will typically satisfy a muscle supplement’s most obvious and needed ingredient: protein. This organic compound creates enzymes and releases them into the dog’s body and since enzymes are responsible for quickening many essential bodily processes, including the chemical reactions needed to build muscles, it’s clear why this is a common ingredient in pet muscle supplements.

Dog Muscle Supplements on the Market

Many muscle supplements for dogs, similar to weight gain supplements, are available either online or at your local pet-supply store. Typically, these come in a powder form which is mixed with one to two cups of water. Others may come in a pill or tablet form, giving them a treat-like appearance that’s sure to get your pet’s tail wagging.

It doesn’t hurt to use an excited tone when calling your dog to come and eat their daily supplement; your excitement will influence their attitude toward the new addition to their routine. Many companies ensure these products are dog-approved with meaty, delicious flavors for them to enjoy so you shouldn’t have to worry about your dog not wanting to take their supplement, but occasionally you may need a strategy to encourage them.

Using supplements separately isn’t the only option either. Some weight gain dog foods or performance foods for very active dogs may already include such supplements. The most popular of muscle gain foods out there currently is Bully Max Performance Dog Food brand, which our editor Samantha has reviewed here.

You can expect the dosage to be based on your dog’s weight and/or activity level. The heavier or more active your dog is, the quicker they’ll go through the product. One pound containers typically cost anywhere from $12 to $25 and, depending on your dog, can last up to a month or longer.

Safety-Necessities of Muscle Supplementation

Because pet supplements can be a hit or miss, the first and most important step is to talk to a veterinarian or canine nutritionist before you even buy any such product. After communicating to your pet’s veterinarian your intention to introduce dog muscle supplements into their diet, and if approved to do so, you should:

Always follow dosage directions

Trying to build muscles on your dog as quickly as possible by overdosing their food bowl with muscle powder is not a responsible way to promote canine health. In fact, not following dosage directions, which are often based on your pet’s weight and/or exercise routine, could lead to toxicity. Symptoms of toxicity in dogs include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort or pain, lethargy, as well as dehydration.

Routinely exercise your pet

Because these supplements are packed with protein and energy-promoting nutrients, it’s important that you do more for your dog than just let them wander around the back yard. Take them for a long walk, play a long game of fetch, take a trip to the dog park, or encourage them to swim at the local watering hole.

Feeding your dog muscle supplements but denying them an active outlet can cause weight gain rather than muscle building. However, it’s also important to not overwork the canine, especially if they are young (6 months to 24 months) or old (6+ years). Always talk to your vet about an exercise routine before putting your pet through something they’re not able to physically handle.

Consider a balanced diet

Supplements are best when working alongside a well-balanced diet and they should not be used instead of a properly adjusted dietary regime; they can only supplement it.

This may mean a high-quality, natural dog food and/or building homemade meals for the dog yourself. These meals should include a variety of whole meats rather than meat by-products (hot dogs or water-saturated dark meats) as well as dog-safe vegetables (dark, leafy greens).

Know that results take time

Be patient. Go into muscle supplementation with realistic expectations and keep your pet’s food, supplement, and exercise routine and steady. As long as you stay the course, you’re likely to start seeing results within a few months.

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6 Best Protein Shakes For Muscle Building – Muscle and Brawn

Proteins form the building blocks of our body. They contain amino acids which help in bulking up the muscular tissues, and are recommended for those who wish to build muscle without fat. If you observe the nutritional habits of bodybuilders, you notice that they have protein rich foods immediately after a workout session.

Proteins help in muscle repair and recovery after strenuous workouts. Whey protein is the best natural form of protein. Foods such as eggs, lentils, dairy products, pork, sea food and soy are also rich in protein.

If you are looking to build muscle, these shakes are extremely tasty, satisfying and also very protein rich.

6 Best Protein Shakes For Bodybuilders

1. Soy and Egg Shake

Combine the following ingredients in a blender for a yummy shake

Pour out the contents from the blender and serve topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tip: to make the shake brimming with froth, add ice cubes in the blender.

Egg and soy milk are healthy choices of protein. They are low in fat and hence would not lead to pile up of calories. Eggs are one of the inexpensive sources of good protein.

2. Banana and oatmeal shake

Combine all the ingredients together in a blender and garnish with nuts like slivered almonds.

Banana is rich in potassium and an instant energy giving food. It is high in natural sugars thereby avoiding the necessity of adding any sugar to the shake. Oatmeal benefits are many. It is a fiber rich food, healthy for the heart and also maintains the blood sugar levels.

3. Almond Blast

Combine all in a blender. Add peanut butter towards the end of blending for the crunchy bits while drinking your yummy shake. Almonds are a great source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

4. Berries and Cream Shake

Blend all; the lovely color will tempt you along with the nutritional benefits of the berries and whey protein.

5. Strawberry yogurt shake

Blend all together for a yummy yogurt based protein shake

6. Chocolate Coffee Shake

Blend all and enjoy the delicious chocolate coffee combo.

Your creativity is the key in developing many healthy protein shakes. In fact any milk shake added with a few scoops of whey protein will double up as a healthy protein shake.

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Viking Muscle Supplements Guide

The Viking Muscle approach to supplementation is simple, it is the same approach I have for all things diet or fitness related…

Supplement only the basic vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and aminos that you are not getting from your diet.

The fitness and supplements industry is a 39 Billion dollar market! Stop giving them your hard-earned money for useless products and information!

Every time I go to the gym I am bombarded with marketing material trying to convince me that if I take Supplement X before my workout I will hit a new personal record, lose 10% of my body fat  and get the most amazing ‘pump’ of my entire life!  It is no surprise that these companies are cash cows, their messaging is effective and cuts to the core of what every man wants to hear.

“If I take this pill or scoop of powder, I will look like a fitness model… I can bypass all the hard work, dieting, and heavy weights, and just let the supplement do the work…”

The problem is, it doesn’t work that way. As much as I wish I could take a pill and never have to worry about eating entire boxes of Honey Buns again, simple body mechanics won’t allow it.  There is no pill or powder that will do the work and sacrifice for you, sorry.

The good news:

There are supplements available today that are well worth your money! Here is the list of Viking Approved Supplements:


A good high quality food based (easier to digest) multivitamin will help you easily get all the vitamins you may not be getting from your daily diet.  This is usually true for dieters that eat a very specific set of meals every day and don’t get enough greens or fruits.  In the long run, a multivitamin can be thought of as a safety net for covering any would be deficiencies in your daily routine.  For my money, it’s worth the small investment.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the health community as it has been show time and time again that most people are not getting near enough on a daily basis.  This deficiency has been linked to a whole series of health problems like obesity, bone weakness, chronic pain, and depression.   Furthermore, many serious athletes are finding significant strength and performance gains when supplementing Vitamin D correctly.  I recommend taking in 2,000 to 3,000 IU’s a day in a liquid gel cap pill.  Some people recommend much higher doses especially during the winter when we are indoors more.  You can also get tested to find you current natural levels to fine tune your intake, but in general 2,000 to 3,00 IU’s will cover most people for general supplementation.


Calcium is easily consumed in most regular diets, so supplementation is not always necessary.  However, because it has an important role in fat loss and hormonal regulation, you should be sure you are getting consistent amounts of calcium on a daily basis.  For most people, adding about 500mg daily will be enough to get to optimal levels.

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil is a definite must have for any serious athlete or dieter.  For your money, there are few other supplements on the market that can offer the benefits that you get from Fish oil.  Fish oil is a form of fatty acid that is derived from the cells of fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are the two fatty acids that have been linked to so many recent breakthroughs in health discoveries.  Again, with any supplement, if you are eating a large amount of fatty fish on a regular basis you may not need to supplement.    Fish oil will help with muscle growth, mood stability, prevention of cancer, bone health, and optimizing cholesterol levels.


Only in the last year have I introduced probiotic’s into my supplement regime, but I wish I had done it sooner.  When dieting for extended periods, the gut can get pretty sensitive, adding a probiotic with meals has really helped me feel good regardless of what I’m eating.  A probiotic can be very helpful with people who are sensitive to gluten, have IBS, or Chrons disease.  I take 5 Billion CFU (colony-forming units) with each meal. The microorganisms in probiotic supplements need to be alive when you take them. They may die on exposure to heat, moisture, or air. Some require refrigeration.


For years now, creatine has been proven to be an extremely effective supplement to boost athletic performance and recovery, and enhance muscle growth.   Creatine is cheap, you can buy it in bulk and mix it with almost anything.  You don’t need to do a ‘load’ phase like many would have you believe, you can start by taking 5g each day before or after a workout.  I usually mix it in with a protein shake.

Whey Protein:

Again, protein can and should be consumed in your regular diet through various meats, eggs, fish, and other natural sources.  However, for those dieting and having trouble reaching your protein macros, a quick whey protein shake can help make sure you are getting enough.  A protein shake is also an easy way to get a low-calorie meal that can fight off fits of hunger.  In a study done by the community at reddit, Optimum Nutrition’s Performance Whey beats all competitors for quality.

And that’s typically it…  Don’t believe the marketing hype, hard work is the only thing that will get you the lean fine tuned body you desire.

I may add to this as new products or supplements pique my interest enough to claim that everyone should be taking them, but those cases are very rare.  If you feel I have left anything out or question my list, leave a comment to discuss why.

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Muscle Supplements Testicular Cancer Lawsuits

Many thousands of men regularly rely on muscle-building supplements such as creatine or androstenedione to help them increase their muscle mass or develop more sculpted physiques. These pills and powders are especially popular with younger men who may wish for their bodies to develop more quickly. Now, a recent study has found that men, and especially young men, who use muscle-building supplements may be more likely to develop testicular cancer.

Muscle Supplements linked to Testicular Cancer in Research

According to an article featured online by, researchers have been puzzled by a dramatic increase in cases of testicular cancer in recent years. In 1975, 3.7 men in 100,000 were diagnosed with testicular cancer, while that number jumped to 5.9 per 100,000 in 2011. Tongzhang Zheng, lead author of the study at Yale University and currently a professor of epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health, says, “Testicular cancer is a very mysterious cancer. None of the factors we’ve suspected can explain the increase.”

In his study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, Zheng and his team sought to examine evidence that muscle supplement ingredients may cause damage to the testes. They interviewed 356 men with testicular cancer and 513 men who had not been diagnosed with the disease, taking into account subjects’ age, smoking and drinking habits, exercise habits, family histories, and prior injuries to the groin or testes.

The researchers found that men who use one or more supplements once a week for at least four consecutive weeks have a 65% higher risk of testicular cancer. They also found that the odds are even higher for men who use more than one type of supplement and for men who regularly used supplements for three years or more. Men who began to use muscle supplements before the age of 25 had a much higher rate of testicular cancer.

According to Zheng, “If you used at earlier age, you had a higher risk. If you used them longer, you had a higher risk. If you used multiple types, you had a higher risk.”

Schedule a Testicular Cancer Lawsuit Consultation

Our personal injury and product liability attorneys are currently investigating muscle-supplement testicular cancer lawsuits on behalf of clients from across the United States. If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and have used muscle-building supplements regularly or at a young age, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional damages. For more information, please contact us today to schedule a confidential legal consultation at no cost to you.


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