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Yes, y’all, we’ve made a slight change to our plans yet again. Since we bought this house in 2013, we’ve been planning on using one of the bedrooms as a gaming room for Matt where he could set up all of his gaming consoles (he’s collected almost all of them from the very first Nintendo) to create some hybrid of a gaming room and museum. 😀

He’s been excited about that plan, and I was perfectly willing for him to use a bedroom for that purpose. After all, I have a huge amount of space in this house that’s dedicated to my pursuits — a huge studio, and at some point next year, an almost-as-big workshop. So it only seemed right that he should have a space all his own to do whatever he wanted with it.

But last night, he dropped a bomb on me. He said that instead of using that room as a gaming room, he wants to use it as a home gym!

Y’all, never in my life have I thought that I wanted a home gym. In fact, when I’d see pictures of home gyms, I’d turn my nose up at them because they’re just not pretty. I’m unapologetically a form over function kind of person, and home gyms are nothing but function, generally filled with not-so-pretty equipment. I’ve never seen a home gym that made me think, “Oh, that’s so pretty!”

So last night when he told me this, I was initially indifferent. It’s his room, after all, and if he wants a home gym instead of a gaming room, that’s fine with me. But then after giving it some thought, I became INCREDIBLY excited about it! Like, ridiculously excited about it. I’m actually excited about having a home gym!!

Naturally, as my excitement grew, the first thing I did was go to Houzz and search for home gym inspiration, and I started making a mental list of everything I’d like in our home gym.

We don’t have one of those fancy weight lifting machines, and probably won’t be getting anything like that. Obviously, my treadmill and Matt’s exercise bike will go in there. I may want an exercise bike of my own since his is the type that pedals automatically and is made specifically for people with Parkinson’s, M.S., etc. I’d like one that I have to pedal myself. And I’d also like a punching bag. 😀 A TV is also a must-have item because I need entertainment when I’m on my treadmill. Beyond that, we’ll just add to our gym over time as we find more things we’d like to add.

If I were planning a dream home gym (words I never thought I’d say or write), I’d also include one of these Isawall installations…

I had never heard of this until last night when I was searching Houzz, but this looks pretty amazing. You can get all sorts of attachments and accessories that work with the Isawall for various types of exercise. The actual wall part comes in 4′ x 8′ panels. We’d only need one for our room, but I’m almost afraid to send in a request for a quote. I might do it just out of sheer curiosity.

Anyway, this change doesn’t make much of a difference to our floor plan. The home gym is just going right in front corner bedroom. But we’re still keeping it connected to the new master bathroom. It’ll be like a huge master suite + home gym on that entire side of the house.

I thought about closing up the door to the hallway, but if I’m in there and want a glass of ice water from the kitchen, I don’t want to have to walk through the master bathroom, through the master bedroom, into the back hallway, through the family room, through the music room, and into the kitchen. That seems crazy.

And then I thought that we might want to close up the doorway between the home gym and the master bathroom, but why? When I’m through working out, it’s just so convenient to have the shower right there. If we close off that door, then I’d have to make a lap around the house to get to the shower.

So we’re going to leave it like that with the doorway between the home gym and the master bathroom, and with the doorway from the home gym into the hallway. It might be a bit unorthodox, but I’m okay with that. 🙂

Anyway, this is a new side of me, and one that I didn’t know was there until last night — a person who gets excited about a strictly utilitarian home gym. But Matt and I have been getting more serious about our health over the last year-and-a-half, so I guess this is the next step for us. And maybe there’s some way I can make a home gym look pretty. 😀

If you have a home gym, I’d love to know what your must-have items are!! I don’t want anything that costs thousands of dollars, but what about the small stuff? What small must-have items to you use consistently?

Just in case you missed it, I shared this grid of pictures showing my progress since we started keto in June 2018. Sometimes it seems like progress is so slow and it’s easy to get discouraged, but this was so encouraging for me to see.

In related news, I’ve been working on packing up and clearing out the three bedrooms that will be part of the upcoming remodel, so that has kept me quite busy. Matt and I have decided to get completely out of the way and move our bed into the breakfast room. So we’ll be sleeping in the breakfast room for probably the next two months, which should be very interesting. 😀

Once the remodel is done, we’ll move into the guest bedroom until we do the addition and have a proper master bedroom. But who knows how long that will be. We could be in the guest bedroom for quite a while, and that’s perfectly fine with us. We’re in this for the long haul. 🙂

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