Disabilities Don’t Matter To Personal Trainer In Wheelchair

by fitness journalist

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Tiana might only be a kid but she is into grownup things like super long acrylic nails. Okay, she thinks she’s into super long acrylic nails because she’s never actually had them before. Mom’s onboard but dad’s not too sure. Dad only agrees so he can show her how hard everyday tasks become once she’s got the nails on. View Now

LiveEachDay wanted to find out. They each took a turn saying “yes” to everything the other said for an entire day. Basically, it boiled down to both of them buying a lot of unnecessary but cool stuff. View Now

L.A. Beast did! So he decided he was going to conquer Jimmy Geez’s “40 Nuclear Wings Challenge.” All he had to do was eat 40 super hot wings in under an hour and win a t-shirt, plus get his face on the wall. Easy, right? View Now


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Vogue sat down with Lady Gaga in her LA home to ask her 73 questions in under 10 minutes. Questions range from “What’s your most nostalgic memory?” to “Describe New York City in three adjectives?” to “Can you show us a hidden talent?” The pop star also talks about what it’s like to work with actor and director Bradley Cooper in their upcoming movie, “A Star is Born.” View Now

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RTM Hall of Fame

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KFSN producer Rudy Rendon tweeted out the hilarious videos of the fan getting extremely embarrassed as his mom shows off some interesting and awkward moves and his dad is laughing hard and red in the face as the dancing goes on. View Now

Disabilities Don’t Matter To Personal Trainer In Wheelchair

Rob Ghahremani suffered a spinal cord injury when he was a kid. Since then, he’s been wheelchair-bound, but that hasn’t held him back one bit. Even though he graduated with a law degree, Rob’s making a name for himself and his brand, Mind Over Matter Fitness, by showing the world what he can do at the gym. 

Adrian Kozakiewicz’s nerves of steel, though. He holds leaf-like Violin Mantises as calmly as he’d hold an actual leaf, teases an exotic and colorful Prohierodula picta from Africa, and even lets a giant mantis crawl on his face! Catch more fun on Bug Boy’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.  We’ve seen too many insects for one day but we can’t get enough of adorable Harley when the persistent cat interrupts Learne Forsyth’s 22 Pushups Challenge. via ViralVideoUKView Now

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