Don’t do this at home: Gym goer runs horizontally on 10 treadmills before flipping over backwards | Daily Mail Online

by fitness journalist

Incredible footage shows a fitness fanatic running across a row of ten treadmills while they are all in motion as part of his workout. 

The smooth move is not one usually seen in the gym – where most people opt for just one treadmill to get their miles in. 

However for this adventurous gym goer his workout knows no limits as he runs from treadmill to treadmill with each stride demonstrating immaculate timing. 

Moving from one treadmill to another in every stride the gym-goer works out in the unusual way

He then lies on the floor with a barbell and and uses his core strength to flip his body up slowly over the bar on the ground, appearing as if he is floating.

Setting up all of the machines to a speedy 8.5 miles an hour (13.8km/h) the man seems to have got the treadmill hop down to a fine art.  

Impressively the man does not stop to take a break before jumping into push-ups after a dead-lift.

The man’s identity is not known after the impressive video sprung up online.

He then does a spiderman move shifting his weight from one side of his body to another while doing a plank.  

At the end of the video the gym-goer chucks his shirt at the camera.  

The man prepares the treadmills at a speedy 8.5 miles an hour before beginning the workout

The machines were all set to a speedy 13.8km an hour (8.5 miles an hour) 

Don’t do this at home: Gym goer runs horizontally on 10 treadmills before flipping over backwards

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