Inside huge mansion the Nelson family-of-18 live in with three floors, a piano, home gym and an enormous dining table

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A FAMILY-OF-18 have revealed the inside of their stunning mansion, which sprawls over three floors, features 10 bathrooms and even has its own gym.

Tiffany and Benji Nelson, from America, are the proud parents of 16 kids, ranging from 22 years old to five months old. 


The couple took viewers behind the doors of their enormous family mansion on their YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons.

The mansion is spread across three floors, with the ground floor home to a kitchen, dining room, living area, outdoor chill out space and several bathrooms.

Meanwhile the 16 kids and parents all live on the upper two levels, but there’s also a home gym, huge dressing room and a home office.

Mum Tiffany revealed she creates a menu each week showing the kids which meals are coming up, while there’s also a huge chalk grocery list they can add to whenever they have a hankering for something.


When they want to kick back and relax, the family take to the family room, which contains an enormous sofa and huge TV along with a piano.

There’s also a huge dining table with a seat for every member of the massive 18-strong family, but that’s not where they eat most of their means.

Tiffany said they use a lazy Susan table more often as it allows them to pass food around with greater ease.


The family’s fridge isn’t as large as you might think, and as Tiffany revealed in another video, shehas to shop weekly as any more and it wouldn’t fit in their kitchen cupboards. 

Tiffany aid: “I only shop for about one week’s worth of groceries because if I did two weeks I would have seriously, six carts no joke. Six carts at the grocery store.”


Tiffany says she first goes through her cupboards and plans the week’s meals around that. 

She said: “So what I do is I go backwards, I don’t start with my list. I start with what’s actually in my cupboard and then after I figure out what’s in my cupboard I’m able to complete meals based on what I have already. So it saves a little bit of money and time.”

The Nelson family

  • Kenn- 22 yrs old
  • Kass- 20 yrs old
  • Bridger- 20 yrs old
  • JourNee- 20 yrs old
  • Trey- 18 yrs old
  • Jaine- 16 yrs old
  • LiLee- 13 yrs old
  • SaiDee- 11 yrs old
  • NayVee- 11 yrs old
  • Luke- 10 yrs old
  • PaisLee- 7 yrs old
  • DeLayNee- 7 yrs old
  • PresLee- 5 yrs old
  • ElleCee- 5 yrs old
  • Beckham- 4 yrs old
  • Ledger-5 months

Showing viewers around the kitchen, daughter Nayvee said: “We have a big fridge our mum displays all our artwork on, and then this other big freezer.

“We have two dishwashers, we do use them, trust me. It doesn’t stay clean for five minutes in our house.”

Chatting in a YouTube video, Tiffany revealed the couple’s master bedroom, huge ensuite bathroom and adjoining nursery room.

Youngest child Ledger has his own nursery room and even a little bathroom where Tiffany bathes her son in the massive sink.

Though you might assume a family of 18 don’t het much time to themselves, Tiffany revealed the two parents have their own little suite within the home.


“There’s a little alcove and barn doors I can shut when I want some privacy.”

Walking to the outdoor chill out space, she said: “Okay guys, this is a secret as well so when you’re outside, it can get chilly so there’s a sleeping bag to slip into while you’re out here.”

The video also shows all the kids’ bedrooms, each decked out in a unique way to fit the children’s personalities.

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