Jodie Marsh strips completely naked in her home gym to celebrate her 42nd birthday

by fitness journalist

JODIE Marsh stripped completely naked in her home gym to celebrate turning 42.

The former glamour model posed with just her gym equipment hiding her modesty in a fearless post.


“It’s my birthday so here’s me in my birthday suit for you,” she commented.

“Today is going to be a good day!”

It’s been a difficult year for Jodie after her mum Kristina died after a battle with cancer in September

After Jodie and her family laid Kristina to rest she shared a poignant moment from the service as she delivered a heartfelt speech.


Standing at the pulpit, Jodie celebrated her “fearless” mum’s life and paid tribute to her partner Billy Collins-Nuttall, 24, who she has been dating for 18 months.

She said: “Mostly I take great comfort from knowing that mum got to see me truly happy and in love.

“It was all she ever wanted for me and I’m so grateful that she got to know and love Billy.

Adding: “I know that she knew Billy would be there for me and take care of me and she knew Billy was the one I have been waiting all my life

Tearing up, she continued: “I’m nearly finished but I want to include this quote a friend recently gave me: ‘On the darkest days when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown.’

“My mum was fearless, loyal, brave, hardworking, kind, supportive, stylish, beautiful, elegant, classy, and so ridiculously clever.

“In Alison’s words, mum was an outwardly stunningly beautiful serene swan but so, so powerful underneath what I’ve learned from mum was to always believe in yourself and never give-up, to love with all your heart, to always be kind and to enjoy life as much as you possibly can,” Jodie said.


“My mum was genuinely the most beautiful soul that ever lived and that leads me perfectly into our first song.

She concluded: “This song was written by my amazing partner Billy and he wrote it for mum and dad as their Christmas present last year and it’s the story of their love”.

Jodie bravely shared the poignant clip on her Instagram and wrote along the post: “My speech. This is just a tiny section of my speech yesterday.

“We are going to get the whole recording of the service but I’m so grateful to Lorraine for filming this while watching it live online.

“I watched it all back last night in bed and it gave me comfort. Mum would have loved the service and all the speeches. It was so beautiful 💕”.

Last month, the glamour model took to Instagram to share the sad news of her mother’s passing, alongside a series of pictures of them together.

She captioned the images: “My beautiful, kind, caring, generous, intelligent, funny, classy and incredible mum passed away this morning.

“There will never be another woman like my mum. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She was my best friend and I don’t know how to do life without her….”

Jodie was immediately flooded with words of support, with a fan writing: “So sorry to hear this Jodie.

“You will ‘do life without her’ – as she raised you to be a strong & resilient woman but it will be a different life. Cherish the memories. Xx.”

Another added: “Oh Jodie I am beyond sad to hear this. Your mum was truly the most gorgeous woman with the most beautiful soul.

“Sending you, your dad and brother so much love, light and prayers. The world will be a sadder place without her.”

A third posted: “Massive love and hugs. I lost my mum to cancer a few years ago. It hurts like no other feeling in the world. Big love to you and your family xx.”

Back in May, Jodie said her mum was sent home from hospital to “die from cancer” because of coronavirus.

Jodie said Kristina was “turfed out” from the hospital despite having “the most aggressive growing cancer her consultant had ever seen”.

Charity Balls To Cancer – which raises awareness of cancers affecting men – tweeted: “We cannot say it enough. THE NHS IS OPEN please do not sit at home with any cancer symptoms, get to speak to your doctor or visit A & E.

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“The figures in cancer diagnosis are drastically down. Please remember lives are saved by early detection! Please RT”

However, Jodie replied: “Not quite true. My mum was basically turfed out of hospital and told “come back in 8 weeks” even though she has the most aggressive growing cancer her consultant had ever seen.

“Thrown out of hospital because of Covid. No treatment. She’s dying at home. No word from hospital”.

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