Martyn Ford Does Intense Training at His Epic Home Gym

by fitness journalist

Martyn Ford has an awesome home gym.

During the global health crisis many bodybuilders have been unable to maintain their training intensity. Due to all the lock downs, progress for many athletes has slowed.

Luckily for many bodybuilders and athletes, gyms are beginning to reopen in certain areas. But where a great deal of people had to wait for these reopening to get back to work, some athletes had the resources to have their own personal home gyms.

Some homes gyms are simple. Some individuals have a bench, some dumbbells, a barbell and that’s all she wrote. Other home gyms are as epic as a high-end training facility. UK bodybuilder, actor, and entrepreneur Martyn Ford has the latter.

Spending a considerable amount of time building up his gym, Ford finally completed his vision and its certainly epic. With his gym possessing quality amenities, Martyn Ford hasn’t missed a step. From the bench to the weighted sled, Martyn Ford’s gym appears to have it all.

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There’s no doubt about it, Martyn Ford has everything he needs in his home gym.

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Ford has all the tools necessary to train multiple muscle groups.

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What do you think of Martyn Ford’s epic home gym?

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