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by fitness journalist

Muscle supplements come in a large variety of application, safety, and potential mass & strength gains. Many people looking for natural muscle supplements have a wrong view of what truly incorporates natural supplements, and often end up making unwise choices due to misleading claims by various manufacturers about a given muscle supplement.

What Qualifies As a Natural Muscle Supplement?

What qualifies as a natural muscle supplement can depend entirely on a person’s subjective idea of ‘natural’. Going by the strictest approach, only organic milk based home-made yoghurt’s residual whey could qualify as a natural muscle supplement. On the other hand, using the most accepted generic guideline, any supplement that converts into a safe hormone/chemical that already exists naturally in the body qualifies as a safe supplement. This guideline makes more sense since you are giving your body what it needs, only more of it to promote greater muscle mass and strength.

Are All Muscle Supplements Safe?

Absolutely not! In fact, many supplements have been banned and labeled illegal due to their dangerous side-effects that range from severe acne, to reduced sperm count in men, and possibly severe liver damage. On the other hand, these supplements, often falling under the categories of hormonal and steroidal abuse, did indeed result in greatly increased muscle mass and strength. Today, there exist many supplements that produce just as good results, while being completely safe and side-effect free.

What Are The Most Potent, Yet Safe Supplements?

The problems with now-banned supplements were quickly recognized as being an issue with:

1. How the active ingredient was delivered in the body.

2. The number of unneeded and occasionally dangerous by-products being produced by the supplement.

Both of these problems were quickly noted, analyzed, and eliminated. As opposed to the horror stories about rapid muscle gain inducing supplements that still circulate, the reality is that some of the most potent supplements on the market today are also the safest and closest to naturally existing chemicals/hormones in the body.

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