P.volve Trainer Dani Coleman Shares 5 At-Home Gym Moves

by fitness journalist

The p.ball can be substituted with a small exercise ball, pillow or done with your own bodyweight for a no-equipment workout.

Hand weights can be substituted with household items like canned goods or water bottles, or you can just use your own body weight.

The internal rotation in this move will help create more mobility and space in the hips, tapping into muscles you never knew you had. While engaging the glutes, the overhead reach will fire up your core and upper body.

Internally rotate your working leg and hips towards your standing leg

Catch back with your heel raised high, back leg lengthened and knee internally rotated down to the floor

Outstretch your back arm while bringing your front arm to a 90-degree angle

Drive your front arm up and over, stretching the front hip and lengthening through your core

Drive through your standing heel as you press through your arm, tensing and engaging your core to return to your starting point

Complete 8 reps on each side

The glider can be substituted with a small towel or paper plate, and hand weights can be substituted with canned goods, water bottles or just your body weight.

Inhale and extend back to a toe tap in front, or hover for an extra stability challenge

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