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This is the heartwarming moment a black Labrador helped train its owner’s French bulldog pup by guiding it to sit. 

Tony Eleodore from Essex, videoed how he was trying to train the young puppy. 

He called Cassie the puppy from the living room into the kitchen. However, the older Labrador was the first to show up. 

Tony Eleodore from Essex has been training his French Bulldog puppy Cassie, right. He was 

After the successful trick, Mr Eleodore rewarded both of his dogs with a tasty snack

After a couple of attempts, the young puppy bounds into the kitchen but fails to follow Mr Eleodore’s instruction to sit. 

Amazingly, the older dog places its paw on Cassie’s back to encourage her to sit down. 

At the end of the video Mr Eleodore rewarded his two dogs with a tasty treat. 

He admitted that training Cassie is going slower than he expected but added: ‘Big brother showing the new girl the ropes.’ 

According to the RSCPA, introducing a new dog into a household needs careful preparation. 

Experts suggest the two dogs should be introuced on ‘neutral territory’, such as being taken on a walk. 

If the dogs start squabbling, it is recommended they are separated until they are calmed down. 

When the dogs become friends,  

Personal trainer! Labrador shows French bulldog pup how to sit

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