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Personal trainer Soph Allen is on a mission to help women stay healthy and happy through every life stage.

Alongside her training and nutrition coaching business Train With Soph, the fitness coach, from Sydney, also provides free healthy tips across her social media networks.

Watch video above of Soph’s workout routine

Boasting a strong 375,000 followers, the 31-year-old shared what a “full day of eating” looks like at home.

In the post, the Victorian woman shared the five meals she munched on that day claiming that you can enjoy all your favourite foods and achieve your health goals too.

For the first meal of the day Soph starts with scrambled eggs and egg whites on gluten free toast with avocado and feta topped with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Next up the PT gobbles down a perfectly portioned beef bolognese gluten free pasta which she admits is her “absolute favourite go-to recipe atm.”

For an afternoon top up she fuels her body with a bowl of protein oats with mixed berries, she opted to strawberries and blueberries.

On her next plate was another Italian classic pizza, topped with prosciutto and melted mozzarella.

And her last colourful dish of the day was rocky road chocolate – complete with coconut flakes and nuts.

In the Instagram post, Soph captured each meal alongside of a selfie showing off her lean body.

Her caption confesses that after a diet the most “challenging” thing to maintaining your body weight without strict diet restrictions.

Once you have hit your goal weight the PT explains your diet doesn’t end there, you need to “slowly and incrementally” increase your calories as needed whilst keeping the dream body you just worked for.

“This has always been the most challenging part of any diet for me. Don’t forget the reverse diet is an integral part of the diet (the most important part imo).

“The diet doesn’t finish when the deficit does – it finishes when you successfully get back to maintaining your new body weight within range on higher calories!” Soph further explained.

And her fans were impressed by Soph’s meals with commenters begging her to post recipes for her dishes.

“The pizza and pasta look unreal,” one wrote

“Seriously awesome, simple, effective, actually works! Thanks for showing us this,” another commented.

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