Setting up your own Home Gym

by fitness journalist

Going forward,I firmly believe some people will start to veer away from their large commercial gym membership and start to look at developing their own home gym.

From the coronavirus restrictions to the limited time people have nowadays or from people getting a lot more comfortable working out from home with the easy access to good online material following training plans its really a no brainer for a lot of people.

I started my home gym almost 10 years ago and I have rarely returned to a large busy commercial gym. I now train myself, family, and clients between a small personal training studio and my home gym.

The first thing many people will think of is cost…

I started out with one suspension trainer,a kettlebell and built from there.


If I offered you to pay your 50-100+ Euro direct debit monthly gym membership + your joining fee to attend a busy gym or if I offered you to pay Euro 1500 to set up a decent starter home gym set up what would you do?

Personally I would go with the homegym and go with the equipment detailed below.

The first step is to find some space. It can be large or small, upstairs or downstairs or even out the back garden. I turned my old shed into a training space and really built from there.

To this day,10 years on, I have invested in roughly 5-7 thousand euro worth of equipment and have gotten a hell of lot of use out of it not to mention the well over 100 people who have trained out of this tiny space!


My best advice would be to pick small equipment that are versatile for exercises, easy to store, and won’t break the bank. Resistance bands, a set of gymnastic rings and a kettlebell really is a good place to start.

Time and time again I see people invest in treadmills, stationary bikes, and squat racks that are quite costly to start with, will take up space, and are fairly one-dimensional.

Too often, I have seen these gather dust in the corner before appearing in the graveyard fitness equipment section on adverts and Donedeal!

A good starting checklist for a home set-up

These would be my top suggestions to start with. As I said above,they won’t cost too much and you can really get plenty of workouts done with this selection.

As for the best suppliers I would highly recommend and Both suppliers will have a great selection for home use and I always find them very knowledgeable on what is the best option for your home set-up.

My last bit of advice before looking at further developing your home set would be to get the most use of the above and become consistent with working out from home. If you can see yourself sticking with the plan and are enjoying it, then perhaps look at going further and investing in more of the substantial equipment such as a rower, assault bike or perhaps even a squat rack station with weights and barbells.As time went on I eventually turned my home gym into a business and started training lots of clients from here so within time I went and got a bit more serious buying a rowing machine,good squat rack station with bars and plates to even a assault bike.

Let me finish this article in offering you some advice if you are considering setting up a home training space.I have helped out clients kitting out their space and now continue to train them from their home set ups.If you are thinking about setting something up then you can send me a direct message .

Thanks for reading and happy training!


David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information, you can follow him on , and . You can also see some of his previous articles.

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