The Best Extra-Wide Sneakers and Gym Shoes for Guys With Wide Feet

by fitness journalist

Active guys need a reliable sneaker that can withstand the punishment of intense training, especially if you’re big into HIIT or CrossFit. And running puts incredible strain on shoes. If you keep splitting the sides out of your sneakers, gym shoes, or running shoes, it’s time to face facts: You’ve got wide feet. Luckily, Zappos has a huge selection of sneakers and gym shoes for guys with wide feet.

And they’re a breeze to find. Don’t just Google “wide sneakers at Zappos,” though. Instead, go to the Home page at and quickly filter your search. Zappos lets you search by style, activity, and brand, of course, so if you’re looking for something in particular, like a certain brand, or perhaps a basketball shoe versus a running shoe, this is how you’ll locate it.

10 Best Running Shoes for Guys With Problem Feet

But right below the Size section there’s an opportunity to search by Width, and that’s where you’ll find hundreds of options in EE and above. For guys who need even more room (guilty as charged), there are tons of options in widths up to 4E. Of course, there are plenty of brand names, a vast price range, and dozens of styles and colors to choose from. Of course, Zappos always has a slew of great deals on shoes—and they always offer free shipping.

So if you’re busting out of your sneakers on the regs, you need to get some gym shoes that allow you to move, and move hard.

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