This 37-YO Out-Of-Shape Father Built A Cover Model Ready Body In Eight Weeks Without A Personal Trainer

by fitness journalist

For some losing a weight is an arduous struggle, while for others it’s a journey that doesn’t even see the light of the day. Ironically, even the editor-in-chief of Men’s Fitness magazine, UK, John Lipsey, had been struggling to come to terms with his weight up until this point. 

Lipsey ended up losing 10 kilos in just a matter of 56 days and muscled-up enough to feature on the cover of the Men’s magazine he works for!

Out tomorrow! It’s the Body Transformation special issue featuring our editor-in-chief @JonLipseyMedia on the cover after he went from lardy to lean in just eight weeks! Get your copy to discover how he did it – and how you can too!

— Men’s Fitness Mag (@MensFitnessMag) May 29, 2018

His commitment to go through his transformation was resolute since he was expecting to be a first-time father next year, for which he wanted to lose weight to fulfil his upcoming fatherly duties.

“In my mind, weight issues were always someone else’s problem. In my teens I was skinny, in my 20s I was slim and I floated into my 30s weighing a svelte 69kg at 1.75m (5ft 9in) tall,” says John Lipsey, according to extracts from his cover story in Men’s Fitness documented by the Daily Mail UK

“What I had to accept was that if my weight gain continued at the same rate then in another seven years, when my child would be wanting to run around and kick a ball in the park, I’d be flirting with a BMI of 30 and about to join the 27 per cent of the British public who, according to figures released last year, are classed as clinically obese,” claimed Lipsey.

Confession time folks. I was, until recently, overweight and unhappy with my body. So I did something about it. The result, both mentally and physically, was beyond my wildest expectations so I created the New Body Plan book. You can find out more here:

— Jon Lipsey (@JonLipseyMedia) May 27, 2018

“Then, as my responsibilities grew—I started my own business five years ago and I’m due to become a dad for the first time later this year—so too did my waistline,” stresses Lipsey. 

Lipsey weighed in at 80.5 at the age of 37. “Sure, scale weight isn’t the only indicator of health, but I doubt that my lengthy training break added over 10kg of muscle mass…,” added Lipsey. 

Lipsey admits that just the thought of doing a body transformation used to scare him, even though he worked for a fitness magazine. 

“I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the diet and exercise plan and I was scared that, even if I did stick to it, I wouldn’t get much of a result.”

When I started my transformation I had a physique goal in mind. What I didn’t anticipate was how much of a health and mental wellbeing boost I would get. If you have any questions about what I did, give me a shout or check out

— Jon Lipsey (@JonLipseyMedia) May 28, 2018

“The final, and perhaps biggest, challenge was that if I failed to make a significant difference to my body shape I’d be exposed as a fraud…”

His personal agenda of getting into shape the way he did was give the readers an accessible, realistic, simple yet effective programme. 

For starters Lispey refrained of hiring a personal trainer or using any fancy meal-prep service. 

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

“I established a couple of simple rules to make my experience as close as it could be to the one you’ll have if you want to do the same thing,” states Lipsey. 

“It would just be me, the weights and an unswerving determination to steer clear of the ice-cream aisle in the supermarket,” added Lipsey. 

His regime consisted of four weekly gym sessions, a nutrition plan than didn’t eliminate any food groups (expect of course beer, crisps and other such vices) but was just abundant on high quality protein. 

Week 1: An out-of-shape Lipsey took off on his transformation journey by starting out modestly, by gradually ramping up the intensity of workouts and the strictness he wanted to achieve in his diet. “Jumping in at the deep end would have been overwhelming and it’s important to realise that navigating your way through a transformation challenge is a skill,” claims Lispey.  

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

Week 2: Lipsey had already started to see results as he his committed and motivation of what was to come kept him strictly glued on track. “By the end of the first training block I was already seeing positive changes. I also discovered that yogurt and sliced frozen banana offers a passable alternative to ice cream (no, honestly),” claims Lipsey. 

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

Week 4: This is when the real test begins as it becomes harder to regulate your hunger and as a result your blood sugar. “I discovered during weeks three and four that my blood sugar and hunger hormone regulation was, er, sub-optimal. By the time I got to week four the easy fat-loss wins had expired and, although I had made more progress, I didn’t feel half way to becoming a cover model,” states Lipsey. 

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

Week 6: The pain of trying to achieve his goals begin to surface. “The intention was great, but the outcome was not—during an aggressive fly set in week six I suffered a minor pec strain.” But he pulled through because his body had adapted to being under strain by then. “My energy levels were up, my work capacity improved and I embraced the idea that I had two weeks to make sure that I finished the plan with no regrets,” states Lipsey.

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

Week 8: Despite the challenges Lipsey states that it does get easier as you progress and eventually it does become a way of life. “The second half is easier than the first and the final fortnight is the easiest of all. You’re fitter, you’re focused, and your body has adapted to your new way of eating. I no longer felt exhausted in the evenings and I was sleeping soundly, waking up naturally and energised at 6am,” claims Lipsey. 

Glen Burrows/Men’s Fitness

Lipsey transformation is proof that this sort of transformation can transform your life.

“I feel ten years younger. I’m energised. I’m calm. I’m happy. I’ve achieved more than I thought possible in the last eight weeks and I feel like if I can do this, I can do anything,” claims Lipsey. 

I honestly never thought I’d see the day where I would transform my body and step in front of the camera. And if I can do it, anyone can do it. If you want to know more about the New Body Plan book, just give me a shout. Cheers!

— Jon Lipsey (@JonLipseyMedia) May 29, 2018

His advice for newbies starting off on their transformation? “My only regret? That I didn’t do it ages ago,” he says. For complete details about his transformative journey, check out his new book, New Body Plan.


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