Vivaspa Full Body Vibration Machine w/Bluetooth Speaker & Resistance Bands

by fitness journalist

Perfect for your New Year’s resolution and a fun way to intensify nearly any workout in the comfort of your own home.

Gentle vibrations move throughout your entire body, creating an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bones, burn fat, lose weight, and restore neuromuscular balance

It’s great for improving circulation, muscle strength, sports training, weight loss, muscle building, promoting blood circulation and reduction of the stress

* 99 levels of adjustable speeds and digital LCD display
* Includes remote control for switching routines and intensity easily
* Suction cups keep the unit secure to any type of floor
* Built-in bluetooth speaker to play your workout tunes
* Anti-slip coating on the surface to ensure safety
* The vibration platform also includes resistance bands for more versatile routines.

* 1 x Whole Body Vibration Machine
* 1 x Remote Control
* 2 x Resistance Bands

* 1-Year Vivitar Warranty

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