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A 28-day walking challenge will increase your fitness and sculpt your body– without all the wear and tear you get from other high-impact sports.

The first key to lose pounds with walking is consistency– you must walk every day. Next, you’ll want to make sure that you are working at a level that gets your heart rate up where it should be.

The walking challenge below will do just that and more. You’ll see a whole new you with only 20-minutes a day…

Weekly Walking Challenge Schedule

With this schedule, you’ll an awesome mix of power, strength, endurance, and active recovery. (Each of the walking challenge routines are described in more detail below.)

Repeat for 4 weeks

Monday: Power Walk
Tuesday: Strength Walk
Wednesday: Endurance Walk
Thursday: Power Walk
Friday: Strength Walk
Saturday: Endurance Walk
Sunday: Active Rest Walk with Stretching

The Walking Routines

Each of the routines below are designed to give you a complete fat-burning workout in 20 minutes. A stop watch or watch with a timer is useful to keep track of the time.

Power Walk

Interval training, or HIIT is perfect for getting big fat-loss results from short workouts. For this walk, use a scale of 1-10 to determine your effort level. A level 1 would be sleeping, 5 would be a brisk walk, and 10 would be an all-out sprint.

5-min warm-up walk; @ 5/10 effort level
2-min brisk walking; @ 6/10 effort level
2-min faster walking; @ 7-8/10 effort level
1-min maximum walking speed; @ 9-10/10 level
2-min brisk walking; @ 6/10 effort level
2-min faster walking; @ 7-8/10 effort level
1-min maximum walking speed; @ 9-10/10 level
5-min cool down

Strength Walk

Start this walk with a plank hold or pushups to target your arms and abs. As you walk, you’ll mix in walking lunges to lift your bootie and tone your thighs. The big finisher: 1-minute of burpees for your full body. If burpees or mountain climbers are too much, do air squats, squeezing your butt and thighs for a big burn.

Plank hold or push-ups: 1-min.
Warm-up walk; @ 5/10 effort level: 4-min.
Walking lunges: 1-min
Brisk walking; @ 6/10 effort level: 2-min.
Walking lunges: 1-min.
Brisk walking: @ 6/10 effort level: 2-min.
Walking lunges: 1-min.
Brisk walking: @ 6/10 effort level: 2-min.
Burpees, mountain-climbers, or air-squats: 1-min
Cool down: 4-min.

Endurance Walk

Build your endurance by kicking your walk up for a sustained period of time. As you improve, head for a hill or an incline on your treadmill for even more of a workout.

Warm up walk @ 5/10 effort level: 5-min.
Fast walking @ 7-8/10 effort level: 10-min.
Cool-down @ 5/10 effort level: 5-min.

Active Rest Walk with Stretching

You should never stretch cold muscles. That’s why you’ll start with 20-minute walk to warm up and get your blood circulating. Then do the 6-minute whole body stretching routine at the end.

Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds:

Triceps stretch

Reach your arms over your head and grab the elbow of one arm with the hand of your opposite arm. Pull on the elbow to feel a stretch in your triceps and ribs. Repeat on the opposite side.

Back and shoulder stretch

Pull one arm across the front of your chest with the other to feel a stretch in your upper back, and back of your shoulder. Repeat on the opposite side.

Chest, biceps, and shoulder stretch

Hold onto a doorway or wall. Gently lean forward until you feel a stretch. Move your hand up and down to stretch your chest from different angles. Repeat on the opposite side.

Hamstring stretch

Place one foot on a bench or bar and straighten your raised leg. If that feels comfortable, contract your quads as you slowly fold forward to feel a deeper stretch in the back of your legs.

Quad stretch

Grab your ankle behind you and pull gently until you feel a stretch in your quads. Use a wall or back of a chair to balance if necessary. Repeat on the opposite side.

Calf stretch

Place one foot in front of the other. Lean forward, keeping the heel of your back foot on the ground so you can feel a stretch in your calf. Repeat on the opposite side.

Improve Your Walking Form

You probably haven’t thought a lot about how you walk; you just sort of do it, right? By improving your form, you’ll strengthen more muscles, walk more efficiently, and prevent injury during your walking challenge.

Here’s what to do:

7 Ways to Add More Intensity

As you become fitter, you might find your walks getting easier. It isn’t necessary to increase the amount of time you spend walking to get a better workout. All you need to do is increase your intensity.

You can add more intensity to your walking challenge by doing the following:

A Couple Handy Walking Stats for You

These stats can vary, depending on your height, weight, inseam, and terrain. However, they are good to know if you ever need to make an educated guess about your walking workout.

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