Your Home Gym Equipment Checklist

by fitness journalist

Whether you’re looking to save some money on a gym membership or you just want the option of getting a WOD in at home, a home gym can be the way to greater fitness gains. But what equipment should you buy for your garage or basement? And if you don’t have the cash to get everything right away, what should you start with? This list will help you answer those questions. Here’s your home gym equipment checklist.

6 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment You Should Consider

1. Barbell and Plates

Yes, you can build strength through bodyweight exercises, but a barbell multiplies your exercise options and opens the door to your favourite (and least favourite) benchmark workouts.

When to buy: A barbell and plates are a significant investment, but we would argue there’s no reason to have a home gym without them. In other words, buy these first.

Morgan Sports Chrome Olympic Barbell

TWL Bumper Plates

2. Squat Rack

Once you have a barbell and plates, the next item you’ll need is a squat rack, so you can properly work on your back squat without cleaning, jerking, and lowering the bar to your back every time you do a set.

When to buy: Consider this after you have a barbell and plates, because it’s useless without them.

Squat Rack Stands

3. Bench

Don’t neglect the bench press — and don’t bench press from the floor. Performing this lift on an actual bench enables a full range of motion in your arms.

When to buy: Shop around for a bench once you have a barbell, plates, and a rig that is friendly to the bench press.

Morgan Elite Flat Bench

4. Pull-Up Rig

If you want to improve your upper body strength and stamina, practice strict pull-ups at home when you have downtime.

When to buy: Anytime. Pull-up rigs come in a variety of forms, so even if you don’t have a gym in your garage or basement, you could have a pull-up rig hanging from the doorway of your living room.

Morgan Multigrip Pull-Up Bar

Multifunctional Pull-Up Bar

5. Jump Rope

Don’t let all this strength talk convince you cardio is optional. If your home gym has limited space and you can’t fit a stationary bike or rower, make sure you have a good quality jump rope — and that you use it regularly.

When to buy: If you don’t already have your own jump rope, are you even an athlete?

Ultra Speed Jump Rope 2.0

6. Plyo Box

Useful for developing explosivity, as well as practicing skills and working up to movements like handstand push-ups, the plyo box will bring a unique versatility to your home gym.

When to buy: Before all of your home workouts start looking the same.

Morgan Plyometric Box Set of 3

Follow this home gym equipment checklist and you should be well on your way to a home gym that inspires you to get moving and go hard. Shop for these products and more at The WOD Life today!

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