10 Perfect Buys for Your Home Gym

by fitness journalist

I recently moved into my new huge Texas home, which inherently comes with some extra space, so I had the opportunity to set up a home gym. I realize that not everybody has the luxury of space that I have, so I decided to pull together an at home guide to setting up your own gym, with minimal space.

As some of you may know, I am a DVRT Master Trainer. What this means in practice is I am a lover of functional movement, resistance styled training that allows really effective exercise without a ton of equipment.  This way of training has helped both myself and countless clients to improve both strength and resilience but has also provided them with solutions to injuries and deficiencies in their movement or power.

Simply put, I use equipment that works and is effective and just happens to be cost-effective. So here is are my 10 top buys for the perfect home gym.

Ultimate Sandbags

This is my go-to piece of equipment.  Working out with sandbags is a completely unique experience that bears no comparison to working out with kettlebells or dumbbells.  It is both efficient and time-effective. You do not need to spend hours working out anymore,  your workouts can be as little as 20 mins, they are fun and they work. There are over 450 available exercise options so you will never be bored for choice. Science backs up these claims too and so does my tight tush! I cover a lot of what you need to know about functional training in Menopause Hacks.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are not only portable, cheap, effective and versatile, they can also aid you in both your strength program and as part of your rehabilitation.  They take up virtually no space so are easy on storage. 

TRX Suspension Trainer

You see them in gyms all over the world, it is probably one of the most widely recognized pieces of equipment. These trainers can be used either inside or outside and are so compact they make for easy portability. Such an effective way to workout that makes for a fun and varied workout.

Medicine Ball

You can get them in a multitude of weights and the exercise possibilities are endless. You can throw, rotate, slam and jump with medicine balls making them a great tool for dynamic training.


Probably the most popular kettlebell exercise is the kettlebell swing, known for its powerful, explosive power, but there are a multitude of kettlebell exercises that can become an integral part of your workout, without having to break the budget. You could start with 1 or 2 kettlebells and easily integrate these into your workout program.


Want to make those core and lunge exercises a little harder? Then simply grab a pair of sliders. Adding more friction to a movement makes the exercise both harder and recruits all those smaller stability muscles that often get overlooked. 

Bodyweight Exercises

Well, guess what. This one is free. I have included this because so many bodyweight exercises are becoming popular and can be included into your workouts. Animal flow, yoga, mobility, plyometric and calisthenics are now considered a staple in the avid exercisers repertoire.

Foam Roller

Think of investing in a good quality roller and you will still not break the bank. A relatively cheap piece of equipment that can be used to prepare the body for a workout and then soothe those sore muscles afterward.

Jump Rope

Over 40 women, have a pee then grab your jump rope. Consider finishing off your workout with some jump rope intervals. Get out and have some fun with these and play like a kid again!

Horse Stall Mats

A nifty trick a fellow gym owner told me about. Cheaper than professional gym matting and now widely used in many gyms are horse stall mats. Yes, you heard me correctly. At about a third of the cost of traditional matting, this will make your floor durable, sturdy, safe and easy to clean.

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