hief Cesar Escobar currently serves as our Chief of EMS Training. He started his EMS career in 1994 and has been dedicated to helping others in such a heroic way ever since. We caught up with him at the Academy recently to learn more about him, as well as his advice for those individuals who are planning to train at our Academy in the near future.

Join FDNY: What drives you in being the leader of the EMS Academy?
Chief Escobar: I am driven by the fact that what we teach here at training directly impacts how patient care is performed in the field. “Everything Starts at Training.” All new employees start their EMS career with us and our EMS Academy instructors and officers put great effort in preparing new hires for working in the field.

JF: Who are your strongest supporters?
CE: My strongest supporters have been all of the EMS Academy officers and instructors that ensure quality training is delivered every day. My other supporters have been the leadership of the FDNY who ensure that the EMS Academy has all of the required resources it needs to provide quality training to new employees, as well as maintain the certification of current members.

JF: What pointers would you give to someone who is thinking about joining the FDNY?
CE: I would recommend that individuals thinking of joining the FDNY that they volunteer at a local EMS service and get a taste of being a first responder. I would also recommend taking a CPR/First Aid course and applying for the civil service exam when available.

JF: What advice do you have for those individuals who will be training at the Academy soon?
CE: My advice would be to be prepared to be mentally and physically challenged every day. The EMS Academy instructors will do everything they can to prepare them for the critical work of being a medical professional saving lives in New York City, but members and their families must be ready to go through a few hard months of training. In the end, it will be worth it when they hit the streets and make a difference in someone’s life.

Candidates: Take a few minutes today to also read our academic and physical fitness reminders for the EMS Academy. This information will help you greatly as you prepare to join our EMS.

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