Female Bodybuilding Has a Long Tradition

Bodybuilding was essentially a male dominated sport for pretty long. But once women started turning their attention to the art, they mastered its demands pretty fast, as they have been doing in pretty much all professions. The first female star in the bodybuilding firmament was Lisa Lyon, who was born in California, in USA, in […]

Differential contractile response of critically ill patients to neuromuscular electrical stimulation | Critical Care | Full Text

During the 2-year inclusion period, 468 out of 3147 patients that were admitted to two ICUs within the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Fifty of these patients were successfully enrolled in the trial and randomised. Further information regarding the enrolment process has been published before [19]. For this sub-analysis, only patients receiving […]

EMS Training Exercise in China

Bell Helicopter in collaboration with Shaanxi Helicopter Co. Ltd. (SHC) and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, announced today the successful completion of an Air Medical Services (AMS) training exercise in China. This exercise is an initial step toward developing air medical capability for the Implementation Program for a Joint Pilot of Aviation Medical Rescue launched earlier […]

3 EMS training survey takeaways: Bariatric patient care

EMS providers are increasingly challenged to provide care for bariatric patients – generally considered patients’ whose weight exceeds 350 pounds – and a comprehensive approach is necessary to ensure patient and provider safety. EMS agencies need to serve bariatric patients with the right equipment and processes, using effective, patient- and provider-safe principles and delivery. Bariatric […]

EMS Training – the Best Way to Improve Your Core Strength | SIXPAD

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Have a strong core including a well-chiselled six-pack. Having your clothes fit you effortlessly. Being able to climb a flight of stairs without breathing like you played a 90 minutes Football match. Finally have that confidence to take on any task at work, go to the beach, and even […]

Podcast # 27: Compensation for EMS Training Time – Fire Law Blog

It’s not every day that I get to meet one of the parties to the lawsuits discussed here on Fire Law Blog. It is even rarer that one will agree do a podcast to discuss their case. My now-good friend Jon Misewicz is not your typical firefighter… or litigant. He began his career in the […]

Legendary Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay Passes Away At Age 48

With heavy hearts, we are sad to announce that legendary American weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay has passed away at the age of 48. Multiple athletes and coaches heavily vested in the weightlifting community have been sharing their condolences for Pendlay on social media, who reportedly passed on the morning of September 5th, 2019. Last month, […]

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits for Tennis Players

In this society in which we find ourselves, it is increasingly common to save the time we have. We do not have it infinite, and every day is an exercise of maximum use. Electro stimulators result from years of study, making it possible, without leaving home and effortlessly, to train muscles to improve a person’s […]