10 Best Gym Shoes for Men Reviewed – Top Picks of 2019

by fitness journalist

Every day, millions of people spend hours in the gym lifting weights, running on the treadmill, or doing CrossFit workouts. Even though fulfilling, most of such exercises are taxing on the body, especially the feet. They strain the ankles and joints. The risk of slipping and injury is also high for people who were their day-to-day work shoes to the gym. To train at your peak without worrying about the preceding risk, add a quality pair of shoes to your gym accessories. They are not only comfortable but also supportive, and thus lower the risk of foot injuries. Here are ten of the best brands for men that deliver in the gym:

While lifting weights of engaging in cross-training exercises, you need optimal support of the feet to prevent injuries. It is also essential that you buy comfortable shoes, which you will enjoy wearing to and from the gym. Many leading brands of shoes meet this threshold. However, for the best results, the Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is our pick of the best shoes in 2019. You will love the tough leather used to make this shoe’s upper. The material has a durable design that retains its shape well after many workouts sessions. It also has a flexible and wide design with a round toe box that fits feet of all shapes or size.

Do you enjoy running on treadmills while spending time in the local gym? For optimal stability and support, buy this pair of Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer shoes. Its low top shaft is supportive yet flexible. Thus, while running, jogging, or walking in your , it offers optimal support to the ankles and feet. The double stitched overlays on its upper boosts support further, while its padded interior maximizes comfort. After a long day in the gym, you will not worry about bruising the feet, as is the case with cheaply made shoes. Professionals like this.

The gym shoe you buy is only as good as the type of sole that is on offer. The slippery ones found in low-grade models affect not only the performance of people but their stability and safety as well.Fortunately, Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is different. Its full-length encapsulated air-sole cushions feet well. While running on a hard surface or doing jumping jacks to stay fit, it dissipates stress from the feet to prevent injuries. Moreover, its heavy-duty design features a solid rubber outsole that provides optimal traction on both hard and soft surfaces.

Our Verdict

Nike Air Monarch IV is a comfortable and supportive gym shoe for men, which works well in most gyms. Its air-sole has a non-slip rubber outsole that has good traction on all surfaces. It is also a supportive and comfortable shoe with a robust leather upper.


Adidas has released competition-grade sports shoes for pros and everyday Joes for years now. Apart from its clean looking, simplistic style, for instance, Adidas NEO Cloudfoam is a top-rated shoe because of its performance. If you are shopping for a lightweight shoe for running and or doing rigorous cross-fit workouts, this is the best. Its mesh upper is light, breathable, and designed to boost the speed of users. Its contrast stitching is eye-catching, while the soft suede overlays and seamless toecap enhance its stability. The risk of your feet rolling in one is low.

Adidas NEO Cloudfoam has a comfortable low-top design that you can slip on and off with ease. The shaft is supportive and has a light cushion (with a breathable lining) that enhances the comfort of people further. Thus, if you have sensitive feet and or spend a lot of time on the feet, you will appreciate the value of this gym shoe. For added comfort, Adidas has included a cloudfoam sockliner in both shoes that you can remove if not needed.

With the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam, forget about the foot injuries you often suffer because of your low-grade gym shoes. Apart from its light and breathable upper, you will love the flexible rubber soles of these gym shoes. While working out, they mimic the movements of the feet to optimize support and or comfort. They also have a superior shock-absorbing property (rubber) and a rubber outsole with deep treads that offer secure traction. Thus, apart from the gym, you can use them outdoors issue-free.

Our Verdict

Customer reports indicate that this Vietnamese-made Adidas NEO Cloudfoam gym shoe runs small by 0.5 inches. However, if you can overcome this con, you will love the quality of the shoe. It is light, comfortable, and designed to support all forms of exercises. You can run or lift weights in a new pair issue-free.


Because of its unique style, the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 has found a spot in the gym bags of many people. If you spend hours in the gym and would like to boost comfort and safety, do not let this opportunity pass you. If you order one now, you will get a 2.5-inch tall gym shoe with a flat and stable platform. Made of rubber, the sole has a solid design that absorbs and dissipates shock efficiently. It also has a flat structure, which secures feet to the ground for added stability and explosive lifting power.

Weight lifting in these Nike Men’s Metcon 2 shoes is a fun and safe activity. Furthermore, if you want a lightweight shoe for jogging or running on a treadmill, it is also an excellent choice. Its 100% mesh upper has a light and breathable design, which is suitable for running. It also has contrasting overlays and stable Flywire laces that secure feet in this shoe while running. As you run on a treadmill, therefore, the risk of a Nike Men’s Metcon 2 shoe slipping is low. It is also good for running off-road.

The Nike Men’s Metcon 2 has a lightweight synthetic shoe that works seamlessly for months. It does not harden nor cracks if exposed to heat or the cold. It also has a flexible, shock-absorbing design that protects feet from injuries while jumping, lifting, or climbing. Finally, like the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam shoe, Nike Metcon 2 has a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction. You can use it on a smooth treadmill and or outdoors injury-free.

Our Verdict

might have a hard riding running in these shoes because of their propensity to tilt feet inwards. However, for people with neutral feet, these multi-functional shoes work well in gyms. They are comfortable, shock-absorbing, and durable.


While lifting weights in the gym, people wear wrist wraps that protect their hands from injuries. Unfortunately, most of them wear sandals or casual shoes that fail to protect their feet. If you are one of them, keep the wrist wraps. However, replace your casual shoes with a pair of Adidas Men’s Cosmic 2 SL shoes to exercise like a professional. Their synthetic uppers are light, stylish, and have stable inlays. Besides, they are breathable and thus keep the feet of users cool and comfortable for long.

With the Adidas Men’s Cosmic 2 shoe, irritation and injury to delicate tendons such as the Achilles will be non-issues. Its low cut design not only supports most forms of exercise but also has a stable and supportive design. Its cloudfoam insole boosts step-in comfort, while its inbuilt sockliner is smooth and soft. If you have sensitive feet by nature or because of neurological issues such as neuropathy, therefore, you will love shoes. They work well off-road and indoors and boost the comfort of users.

The Adidas Men’s Cosmic 2 SL shoe is not as colorful as the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 shoe. However, its predominantly dark theme is not only stylish but easy to clean as well. After use, you can dust it with a brush without fraying its upper. You can also wash it by hand with soap and water without its upper fading, stretching, or shrinking. Avid gym enthusiasts like this.

If you want a gym shoe for men that last for years, look for the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer. However, if comfort and optimal support of your Achilles tendon are high on your list of wants, check out the Adidas Men’s Cosmic 2. It is a very comfortable shoe with a light synthetic upper and a rubber sole. Its molded heel counter prevents injury to the Achilles tendon.


Most of the fancy workout shoes that sell for a fortune on the web often fail to satisfy the needs of people. They are either too heavy or have poorly cushioned designs that irritate people outdoors. However, with the Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 you get a stylish shoe with a comfortable and natural design. Its high-quality cushion, for instance, has the versatility and flexibility that people look for in gym shoes. It not only cradles the feet comfortable but also positions them naturally to boost safety.

Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 is an eye-catching gym shoe that comes in many exciting colours. Dark and neutral-coloured models double as casual wear for men. It also comes in bright colours such as red, which do not fade over time. Finally, whether you enjoy running and or lifting weights in your home gym, expect a memorable time with this pair of shoes. They are light (10-ounces) and have a comfortable and non-irritant low-top arch.

Do your feet often overheat whenever you are working out? Do your knees or ankles hurt whenever you land on solid grounds? Replace your old and work out gym shoes with a new pair of Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 today. Its steep midsole drop (25.5 mm) cushions the heel from injuries whenever you land hard on the ground or lift heavy weights. Its breathable upper and shock-absorbing rubber sole also make it an ideal training shoe for novices and professionals. Buy a fitting size for the best results.

Our Verdict

People with wide feet love this shoe’s roomy design. However, if you have narrow feet, you will better off with a slim-styled shoe such as the Nike Men’s Metcon 2 shoe. If it fits, however, expect memorable results. The Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 is light (10 ounces), sturdy, and has a long-lasting outsole (Adiwear).


PUMA is a global brand with collaborations with artists such as Usain Bolt and Rihanna. Even though the German company has famous product basketball, athletics, and football niches, its shoes are among the most popular worldwide. The athletic design and comfort of the new-look Enzo cross-trainer shoe, for instance, has attracted it praise worldwide. You can get one in quarry, high risk red and black online. It also has an innovative clamshell design with an exaggerated collar that secures the foot better than low-top shoes do. Therefore, even though you sacrifice movement in this shoe, the risk injury is almost zero.

The simple, breathable mesh used to make this shoe’s upper is one of the best. Even though it is not 100% waterproof, it keeps the feet cool and dry while engaging in rigorous workouts. Its flexibility, the imeva midsole, and the soft foam sockliner it is are also beneficial in two ways. First, they maximize the comfort of people while working out. They also smooth the movement of the feet, which enables people to exercise at a faster pace.

Run-train sneakers such as the PUMA Men’s Enzo are ideal for people with a tight budget. If you cannot afford to purchase a separate running shoe and training shoe, check out this one. Its light, flexible, and non-slip design is excellent for running. It also has a stable shaft and thick, shock-absorbing sole, which make it a good shoe for training. A new pair never disappoints.

Our Verdict

Even though comfortable and therefore suitable for running or training, the PUMA does not last as long as some brands. However, for as long as they last, you will have a lovely time running or exercising in these shoes. They are also stylish and easy to clean.


Whether you are shopping for basketball shoes/running shoes, items for Under Armour have a unique flair that people like. The Toccoa for men, for instance, is a popular running shoe that also benefits gym enthusiasts. Weighing just 12 ounces, it is currently one of the lightest gym shoes for men on our list. If you enjoy running or doing rigorous CrossFit routines, thus, buy yours now. It will boost your flexibility indoors/ outdoors. Its textile and synthetic upper is also breathable, which makes Under Armour Toccoa good for working out during the summer.

With the Under Armour Men’s Toccoa, the fact you are getting a lightweight shoe does not men your compromise support. Its mesh upper, for instance, has supports on the toe box and the area of the heel that maintains its stability. It also has an in-built webbing that adds support and structure, and a heavy-duty rubber sole that does not collapse under the weight of people. Whether you are an athlete or a gym instructor, therefore, you should expect months of excellent service from this gym shoe.

Do you slip on the treadmill or gymnastic mat whenever you are working out in your local gym? To prevent career-ending injuries such as fracture, wear a non-slip pair of shoes such as the Under Armour Toccoa. Its rubber sole is thick, flexible, and fitted with a patterned high-traction outsole that enhances its stability. Thus, as you put in the work and your body becomes sweaty, the risk of slipping is slim. Finally, the padded midsole and full-length sockliner (EVA) in this shoe maximizes safety.

Our Verdict

With Under Armour Toccoa, expect a boost its speed whenever you are running on a treadmill. It also a durable design with a thick rubber sole and a patterned outsole that boosts traction.


Our ancestors reiterated, “Good things only come to those who wait.” If you have looked for a stylish, high-performance gym shoe for years, you are in luck. The Nike Men’s Retaliation is here with use and ready for the taking. What makes this shoe a trusted trainer by gym lovers? If you check out its low-profile design, there is no doubt that Nike Men’s Retaliation is a good-looking shoe. Expect many positive compliments in the gym as you lift weights or do Pilates with friends and of colleagues. Its comfortable design has a breathable textile/synthetic upper and a low-top shaft that does not rub on the heel while in use.

Do your feet roll in your shoes while running or doing vigorous workouts such as planks in the gym? To correct the feet rolling, or supination, you can use medial insoles, orthotics, and or heel cups customized to fit your feet. However, replacing worn-out shoes is the quickest and by far the most effective remedy for supination. Although many brands fit the bill, Nike Retaliation is the best because of its stability. The thick fly wire laces that it comes with, for instance, lock it down on feet to maximize its stability. It also has a rubberized toe a strategically placed rubber outsole that offers multi-surface grip while working out indoors. Rubber compounds are durable and importantly, non-staining.

Nike Men’s Retaliation cross-trainer shoe scores high in terms of style and comfort. However, because support in slight and the soles have a soft foam layer, they perform the best indoors.


The Metcon Free from Nike is a USA-made gym shoe for men with a lightweight mesh upper. If you feat heat up faster or you want a shoe that works well indoors and outdoors, check out this one. It is perfect for running on treadmills. The rubber inserts (abrasion-resistant) on its sides boost its stability while its slip-on lace-up designs hugs feet tight. Whether you have narrow or broad feet, therefore, the risk of the shoes slipping while in use is slim. You can also customize fit or support on-demand.

Wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes to the gym is not only a distraction but also a safety hazard. Bruising and injuries to the ankles and knees, for instance, are common among people with poorly balanced shoes. If you are one, replace them with a pair of Nike Men’s Metcon Free shoes to enjoy the time of a lifetime. Each has a unique bootie construction with a padded sock-like feel. They also have foam-padded midsoles and insoles and flex grooves that expand to boost its fit while in use. Thus, you can work out in this pair of shoes for hours problem-free.

Nike Men’s Metcon Free shoes weigh only 24 ounces (12 each). However, both shoes have a long-lasting design, which boosts the stability of people indoors and outdoors. The deep grooves (flex) on its rubber outsole, for instance, grip most surfaces. In addition, while jumping and running, they expand to boost the stability and comfort of these shoes further. You will love them.

Our Verdict

To exercise comfortably without compromising stability or the safety of your feet, order the Nike Men’s Metcon Free shoe. Its mesh upper is light, breathable, and expandable for a custom fit. It also has inserts (abrasion-resistant rubber) for stability and rubber outsole with deep grooves that maximize traction.


Reebok is a renowned manufacturer of athletic ware since the 1890s. The company released its first pair of running shoes in 1985 and carved a space at the top of the industry to date. If you like working out in a gym, the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 will make your outings fun. Even though it costs more than the Under Armour Men’s Toccoa, you get value for cash. Its textile cover is sturdy, light, and has synthetic inserts for stability. It also has a stylish design in multiple adult-friendly colours.

On the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 shoe is where speed meets durability. If you are a professional athlete and like to sprint to build endurance, you will love this pair of shoe. Its low-cut design does not hinder the movement of people. It also has a soft padding and lightweight design, adapted for speed. Second, if you need a pair of shoes that will serve you well for several months, it is also an excellent choice. The Cordura mesh used to make its upper does not fade nor rips easily. You can also wash it a few times with water and soap without it shrinking.

The contrast heel counter of this shoe not only boosts its looks but performance as well. If you do workouts that involve landing heavily on your heel, you will love the level of support it offers. It also absorbs and dissipates impact efficiently, which lowers the risk of injuries. Finally, the padded midsole (EVA) and the traction patterned outsole or this shoe are also ideal. The midsole cushions and positions feet naturally, while the outsole is non-slip.

Our Verdict

The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed TR 2.0 is a comfortable and non-slip shoe with a contrast heel counter for support. The latter also absorbs and dissipates stress efficiently to lower the risk of injuries. It is an affordable shoe with a durable and stylish design.


Gym shoes are vital items that maximize the comfort or safety of people in gyms. If you are shopping for one, check these out:

Over the years, companies have adopted many different types of materials to manufacture their shoes. Mesh, for instance, is one of the commonest due to its cost and its lightweight design. It is also a breathable material, which can keep the feet cool, dry, and therefore comfortable during summer months. If you live in a hot area or have sweat feet, the material is ideal. It is also beneficial to people engaged in cardiovascular workouts such as running or jogging. However, it does not last very long.

Sole: The sole of a shoe is a vital component because it dictates the stability and safety of people while working out. Thus, buying an eye-catching shoe with a low-quality sole is one of the worst decisions you can make to date. Check the quality of the material used to make your gym shoe of choice. Does it have a synthetic sole or a rubber one? What is the thickness of the sole? Finally, which type of outsole does the sole of your shoe of choice have?

As a rule of thumb, shoes with thick rubber soles are the best for going high impact workouts. They are not only durable but also able to absorb shock better than synthetic ones often do. They are also less prone to damage from heat or water, unlike some synthetic soles. However, to boost your fluidity and or speed while working out, synthetic soles are the best. They are lighter than leather soles. They are also flexible, which is good.

No matter the type of sole your shoe of choice has, make sure that it has a high-wear outsole before speeding cash. Thick ones with deep grooves grip most surfaces to boost the stability of people.

Comfort: While choosing a shoe for weightlifting and or running, comfort should be one of your major priorities. Check its size. Does the shoe run true, small, or large? If it runs large or small, ensure you factor its error on the size chart while shopping online and or offline. Second, look for a gym shoe with optimal padding. Poorly padded shoes tend to bruise or irritate people who are engaging in high-impact workouts. On the other hand, heavily padded ones can be cumbersome and thus frustrating to use. Finally, check the weight of your shoe and add-ons such as the midsole, tongue, and insole. Make sure they are comfortable too.

Conclusion: Maintaining safety, comfort, and support should be three of your main priorities while shopping for gym shoes. Even though most brand promise such pleasantries, only a few deliver with 10 of the best ones appearing on our list. They are comfortable, durable, and designed to support most forms of gym workouts. Their low maintenance designs perform well in most settings.

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