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A home treadmill is a good investment if you are looking to stay fit or become healthier and you don’t have the time to get to a gym or can’t go outside.  In fact, many people decide to purchase an in-home treadmill because it provides privacy and convenience of use.  A quick 30 to 60-minute run can help maintain good health and proper fitness.  However, when deciding which treadmill to purchase, it is easy to be misled.

Treadmill Reviews - Best Home TreadmillWhen looking for a quality treadmill, people often search “Best Home Treadmill 2019” and stumble upon review websites such as  This, however, isn’t reliable because these sites are often paid by low-end manufacturers to say their treadmills are the best.  Seriously reconsider your source if they recommend ProForm, Sole, or NordicTrack treadmills.

Buying a treadmill is similar to the process of buying a car.  You must look at its features and overall quality before confirming the purchase.  There are a few key components and features that you should consider before buying a home treadmill.

Treadmill Manufacturer

When you are looking for a treadmill, the first thing you should consider is the manufacturer.  Would you rather buy a car from Toyota, or Tachikawa Motors or from some other manufacturer you’ve never heard of?

Reputable companies build their brands through years of producing high-quality products and services.  A good reputation [from a known source] can be trusted.  TRUE Fitness, for example, has proven themselves trustworthy by producing high-quality cardio equipment since 1981.  Unlike the infomercial junk peddled online via review sites, TRUE stands behind all of their home treadmills with robust warranties; most include 30 years coverage on the motor, and 7-10 years on all parts, which makes TRUE a reliable choice.

Other quality home treadmill manufacturers include Precor Fitness, Life Fitness, and Woodway treadmills.  We always encourage people to try treadmills in person before buying.  In person, quality is easy to see, hear, and feel.  If you run on a TRUE treadmill, then get on NordicTrack treadmill, you will immediately recognize the difference.

The Treadmill Quality Test

You should always try it before you buy it.  Similar to test driving a car, giving the treadmill you are considering a test run is important as well.  A few things you should focus on:

Do NOT Compromise on Quality

You should not compromise on quality to save a few extra bucks.  A cheaper, less reliable treadmill is more likely to malfunction and also has a shorter lifespan than a high-quality treadmill.  The price of repairing or replacing it could vastly outweigh the up-front cost of purchasing a high-quality treadmill.

Cheaper treadmills can be loud, making them inconvenient for a before-work workout.  Also, poor deck cushioning may result in injury, stopping your fitness plans entirely.  High-quality treadmills offer longer lifespans and durability, in addition to better functionality.  Superior engineering [typically on solid steel frames] and safety features minimize your chance of injury.

If you’re planning to buy exercise equipment, always buy quality and shop Fitness Gallery.  Don’t buy low-quality infomercial or big-box store equipment that will not last.  There’s nothing more important than your health, so don’t cut corners.  Always shop for quality home treadmills that are built for the long run.  At Fitness Gallery, we’re dedicated to carrying the world’s finest fitness equipment.  We’ve been in business since 1997 because we don’t try to carry the most brands, we simply carry the best brands.  We do this because we stand behind everything we sell.  Feel free to contact us today with any questions, we can help you find the right treadmill for your needs and budget!

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