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This set-up is best for:

Set-Up #3: Power Rack, Bench, Barbell, Barbell Weights

This set-up is best for:

If you’re looking to build an awesome home gym, this is what I’d start with. Look to add other equipment such as some of the equipment listed above as well as below in the “Add-Ons” section.

For those not familiar, a Power Rack is essentially 4 beams fused together that allow you to place (rack) a barbell at different heights for different exercises. This makes it versatile for doing heavier lifts that need to be done off of the ground, namely the Barbell Back Squat and Barbell Bench Press. As for weights that you might need, that will depend on where your current strength is. The following is likely to work for most people, and will allow them to have multiple weight combinations: 4x 5lbs, 4x 10lbs, 2x 25lbs, 2x 45lbs.

Equipment suggestions: 1x Rogue RML-3 Power Rack, 1x Adjustable Workout Bench, 1-2x Rogue Echo Barbell, Barbell Weights (see weight suggestions above).


With this equipment Set-Up, just like with Set-Up #2, you have a large variety of exercises that you can do. You can effectively train your whole body, and very selectively, with this Set-Up. The advantage of using a Power Rack + Barbell (and the weights you put on the barbell) over Dumbbells is that you can continue to increase the weight and challenge yourself without too many limitations. For example, if your legs are really strong it’ll be hard to physically push your legs without something else limiting you. You either won’t have a set of dumbbells appropriate, eg. 60+ lbs dumbbells, or doing something like a heavy dumbbell squat will cause your grip to fail before your legs do.

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