9 Ways To Use Your Home Treadmill Other Than Running

by fitness journalist

1. Use Your Home Treadmill To Build Muscle

It’s relatively easy to achieve a fat/muscle burning heart rate while you’re running, so building muscle can be challenging on a traditional treadmill. Achieve by slowing the pace and increasing the incline.

2. Use Your Home Treadmill To Encourage Family Activity

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Set a goal, create a challenge, and offer an enticing reward. Use your home treadmill to get every member of the family engaged in a little family competition. At the very least, you’ll have something new to discuss around the dinner table. Looking for ideas? How about this:

You can set a distance goal, a time goal, or a goal for burning calories. But whoever reaches the goal first, gets the prize – $100? A night out on the town? You name it! Perhaps each person sets their own individual goal and wins their own prize at the end. There are so many ways you can run with this idea. With an iFit family account, you can track all of your family members data individually to ensure accuracy.

3. Use Your Home Treadmill To Burn Fat

When you first started running on your home treadmill, it was hard. But after running the same distance, speed, and incline overtime has resulted in a pretty comfortable routine. Your body has risen to the occasion to meet your demands. But it has also acclimated to the routine. It’s now burning less calories to accomplish the same task.

Avoid the plateau by adding variation to your treadmill workouts. are especially good for fat burning when you pair them with the endless resources offered by iFit. Access to , targeted workouts, and integrated floor work/weight training give you all the tools you need to see a consistent calorie burn.

4. Use Your Home Treadmill To Escape

Everyone can benefit from a little “down” time. While walking or running on your treadmill isn’t the same as visiting the spa, it can still easily become your happy place. Use this time to meditate, to listen to your audio book, or to sort through plans in your mind. But make it a place that you can eliminate all other distractions and unwind from common stressors.

5. Use Your Home Treadmill To Increase Your Speed

Still the slowest member of your running club? Increase your speed at home by running sprints at the conclusion of your regular run or workout. Amp up the speed to 9 or 10 mph (your max speed that will exhaust any remaining energy). Sprint for 20 seconds, and rest on the foot rails for 10 seconds. Alternate this way for 4-10 minutes. Over time, you’ll see an improvement in your overall running speed because you’ve successfully challenged your cardiovascular system.

6. Use Your Home Treadmill As A Babysitter

Need a way to distract a certain someone for 30 minutes? Sure, you could turn on the tv to distract your 10 year old. But you could also stick them on the treadmill with a tablet and achieve the same effect. Except instead of mindless tv-watching, their little legs will get moving and their restless minds will tucker out just in time for bed.

7. Use Your Home Treadmill As A Kid Motivator

Oh, kids – sometimes they just need something to do! Or just some way to earn something! Set challenges for athletic kids on the treadmill as a way to pass the time. Or, if they really want something from you, make them earn it on the treadmill instead of via the chore list.

8. Use Your Home Treadmill To Increase Your Endurance

“Hitting the wall” is a familiar phrase in the running world. It’s when you’ve run as far as your body will carry you, possibly facing the end of your capabilities. Endurance is built with consistency, practice, the right diet, and mental strength. You can tackle all of these elements by following a regular treadmill training plan. Set a schedule for your home treadmill runs and stick to it! This is the key to improving your distance.

9. Use Your Home Treadmill As Productive TV Time

The simplest of ways you can use your treadmill is during your tv time. Even a slow steady walk while you’re catching up on your favorite shows offers a health boost the couch could never compete with.

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