A Personal Trainer Provides 5 Tips for Finding Your Gym Motivation Again

by fitness journalist

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Going to the gym, can be like a long term relationship — the sex is new and exciting in the first year, but after a while it becomes work: You’ve gotta schedule it, you gotta commit to it, blah blah blah. So how do we spice up our gym life and find gym motivation so we can get better results?  Here are 5 ways to fall in love with the gym all over again.

1. Hire a trainer

The thing that made me passionate about becoming a trainer was by being trained by one. Once upon a time, I saw my body start to plateau and realized my workout routines were about three years old. I started setting aside some coin and hired trainers.

Not only did I start seeing results, but I became excited to take what I learned onto the gym floor. Today as a trainer, one of the main reasons I hear about people stopping their flow at the gym is because they were once like me; straight up bored with their workouts.

West Hollywood personal trainer Demetri Dye, who specializes in helping his clients get connected to their personal workouts, says new moves and education help his clients get some serious gains.

“When I show them how the moves will change their body, they’re more motivated to go the gym on their own. Learning is more fun,” Dye says.

Personal training is an investment but, keep in mind, so is paying years of membership fees with no change. And remember, a lack of results often leads to lack of workouts.

2. Make a plan

Let’s face it: Not everyone wants or can afford a personal trainer. We still need a fitness game plan though. Many people search for routines or sure-fire commitment methods on social media. Feeds are now crammed with workouts, tips for gym motivation and meal plans galore.

But while that effort is good, in fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. These “fitness gurus” don’t know all your physical and mental details. Usually, people end up getting discouraged or injured.

However, some online trainers are awesome and really know their stuff. Here are three resources you can use for some great advice and plans: , Livestrong and
Scott Herman on YouTube. Just remember: Listen to your body.

3. Check your heart rate

Very few things can keep you more engaged with your workout than staying on top of your heart rate.  These numbers make all the difference in fitness. Meeting your max heart rate and not dipping below your resting rate, can ensure you’re hitting just the right intensity to create change.

Get a heart rate monitor. This device usually straps on to your chest or wrist and can measure with accuracy where your heart rate is at in real time. When you are making sure you’re on top of your numbers, there’s very little time to be wasted at the gym — that’s some serious gym motivation. It cut my gym time down significantly. (My favorite heart rate monitor is Polar. I’ve found them reliable and easy to use.)

Finding your target heart rate depends on several things including your goal and your general stats.  Many sites and apps can easily show you how to calculate it. Since this is a matter of the heart though, make sure to run these numbers by your medical doctor first.

4. Get new gear

Many swear a fierce new gym look will get them in the door like never before. A fitness lover named Morgan says a good gym wardrobe keeps them in the game. “Maybe it’s a matter of dressing the part,” Morgan says, “If I feel like a sexy, fit, beast, well … I’m going to act like one.”

If you’re curious about what to buy, just drive around West Hollywood. On any given work day, while the rest of the world is shuffling papers in suits, you’ll see most of WeHo jamming from Starbucks to their improv classes in “athleisure wear.”

Imagine, if you will, if fashion and fitness had a baby: Her name would would be LuLu Lemon (the crown jewel). Their styles are innovative, their fit is unparalleled and they usually have a great selection of sizes. However, they are pricey.

If you’re looking for something a bit less bougie, give Nike a try. They have some super slick hoodies and athletic pants that I wear to the airport and out to the movies — this is called functional fitness, dahling.

5. Get a new gym

Honey, if none of these gym motivation tips have worked for you, something is terribly wrong. It might be time to jump ship and try a new gym.

As a certified gym whore, I usually require a change of scenery every year. There’s something motivating about new energy, new equipment and, most importantly, new men! Sometimes the best way to fix a gym burnout is to bounce.

It might be worth the money to upgrade to Equinox and be mesmerized by all the hot models. Or you might sick of all that gloss and head to Gold’s Gym to work out with all the bearded boys in the ocean of machines. It depends on your mood.

Whatever the case, most gyms will let you freeze your memberships for a small fee while you check out the goods.

What do you think about these tips for maintaining your gym motivation? Sound off in the comments.

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