Add Strength And Cardio To Your Home Gym

by fitness journalist

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With a New Year comes a new beginning. Many people resolve to get in shape, focus on their health, eat better, downsize, organize and more! If you are looking to get fit, we found a few products to help add strength and cardio to your home gym!

What are your 2018 resolutions? Are you sticking with them?

Remember, it is never too late to create goals for yourself throughout the year!

For me, I haven’t had time to think about them. I’ve been too stressed out with personal issues I’m having to deal with. I have a new life and realized I am solely responsible for the care and well-being of my special needs son. Everything has just been overwhelming for me!

After I had a few days to stop and think about a new beginning, I am doing my best to exercise more! I bought several Jillian Michaels DVDs at a dollar store! They are a bit advanced for my current level, which is fine. I can work my way up!

I also realize I need to have a nice variety of workouts to keep myself motivated!

What about you?

Are you looking to add strength and cardio to your home gym?

Even though my son and I moved, our stuff is still packed away in another state! Since then, I’ve been rebuilding my fitness equipment, lifestyle, health and beauty products.

I prefer to workout at home. I truly believe if I keep my fitness equipment within eyesight, I am more likely to workout! I am rebuilding my home gym, so I’ve rounded up awesome fitness products you can use! It is easy to add strength and cardio to your home gym!


I have a small pair of hand weights, but they are packed away.

I want to work on my strength, and the Tension Toner is a fun piece! It is perfect because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, portable and easy to use!

The Tension Toner may be lightweight, however, the resistance is adjustable and you can add different resistance bands to work your arms and legs. There are so many ways to work on my strength with the Tension Toner, I love picking it up and use while watching television. I mainly like to work my arms and legs with lunges and use the tension toner to add resistance!


To help tone up, the One Strong Southern Girl Aerobic Exercise Step is perfect. It is oversized, sturdy, and comfortable.

The Aerobic Exercise Step helps to enhance my workouts!

Fun ways to use the Aerobic Exercise Step include:

  • Step Exercises
  • Weights
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Cardio

I’ve never had an exercise step before, so I am amazed at how soft the surface is (I was concerned the surface may snag on my clothing). It is also very sturdy, just be sure to stack each piece securely! Just be sure to line up each piece and they should lock into place for safety.

Here is a great visual of how you can use the Aerobic Exercise Step:

One thing that stands out to me with the Aerobic Exercise Step is the size! You can comfortably lie down on the surface to use it as a weightlifting bench! I also don’t have to worry about missing the step and tripping over myself!


As part of working on my strength, I want to work my arms! Dr. Len’s Portable Pull-up Bar makes it easier to do pull-ups.

The Portable Pull-up Bar comes in only a few pieces and easy to assemble (no tools required). It took me only a few minutes to put the pull-up bar together.

The Portable Pull-up Bar is sturdy and stays in place when you use it. I can easily do pull-ups and work on my push ups too. I personally keep a yoga mat underneath me to use while resting between pull ups and push ups.

The best thing about the pull-up bar is that you don’t need to utilize a doorway, hallway, etc. It easily sets up in seconds and you’re ready to go!

Pain Relief And Health

If you are looking for natural pain relief and health products, we found three must-have items when you are starting a fitness routine! The OLBAS Aromatherapy Massage Oil is a multi-tasking powerhouse! This product came in handy when my son and I were sick. I just add a few drops to our oil diffuser. My son was sick for over two weeks and thankfully soon after I started diffusing the oil, we started feeling better within a few days.

When you are feeling muscle soreness and relieve aches and pains, the OLBAS Analgesic Salve is a great product to use. Both the massage oil and the salve are natural, which I feel confident using on my son’s skin! I felt a slight pain in my neck after doing yoga and the salve helped relieve the pain quickly!

Another quick way to relieve or help prevent muscle soreness is using the Skin Formula Magnesium Enhanced Hot Spring Spray. It comes in a spray bottle. I actually use it on my son’s skin for his eczema. It’s quick and easy to apply. I also use the spray to help relieve muscle soreness that follows my workouts the next day.

If you notice, every piece of fitness equipment is portable or easy to move around. When working out at home, some may not have the space to leave fitness equipment out. Everything can be broken down and stored in a small space.

Looking to add strength and cardio to your home gym? Let us know what products you want to try!

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