Best Home Treadmill in 2022

by fitness journalist

When I was a young and inexperienced trainer, I remember scoffing (in my head) at people that told me they walked for exercise. As an arrogant, know-it-all 19-year-old, I thought I had all the answers to a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body, and walking was not in that list of answers whatsoever.  

Walking? Are you kidding me? I need to get this person to do some real exercise like lifting weights or super challenging high-intensity interval training. Ugh, I do not enjoy thinking about how I trained people in those days.  

As time has passed, I have come to realize that walking is the most underrated form of movement out there. It is one of the easiest things to implement, and it has great benefits for your physical, and mental health.  

You see, we are really good at going 0-100 with things. We are really good at adopting the all or nothing mindset, and this shows in the way a lot of us approach health and fitness. When most people think of eating healthy, they think of going cold turkey with all of the “bad” foods and only eating “good” foods (FYI there’s no such thing as bad and good foods). When most people think of exercising, they think of going from zero workouts per week to five, because well, five workouts is a lot and more is always better.  

Spoiler, more isn’t always better.  

Very rarely do we approach changes in our health and fitness with a slow and steady approach. We act like the haire far too often. It’s time to start acting like a tortoise.  

Now, beginning to do formal workouts on a regular basis is certainly something to strive for. However, adding in a bunch of workouts out of the blue can be a challenge. But, adding in extra steps each day can be very easy. I don’t say this to equate the effects of consistent formal workouts to consistent walking, but choosing to improve your overall health by walking more is a great place to start.  

There are a few ways I help my clients add extra steps into their days. Here are some things you can start doing today: 


If you’re like most people, you may be thinking that these tips are too trivial.  

“I have a lot of fat to lose, this won’t do anything.”  

“I have real health and fitness goals. Walking isn’t going to make a dent in them.”  

As a fitness professional with experience coaching hundreds of clients, I am telling you right now that no matter how much fat you have to lose, how much leaner you want to get, walking more can certainly help you. So make it happen!  

The thing is, not all of us live in Texas, where there is basically no such thing as winter. A lot of us live in states where the winters create real challenges. It’s snowing like crazy, it’s below freezing or even worse, below zero. For those of you that find it challenging to regularly leave the house to get a walk in, having a treadmill at home can be a great option.  

The Precor 445 is one of the best treadmills out there. Truthfully, a treadmill is a treadmill. Every treadmill out there is going to help you add activity into your day. So why the Precor 445? Well,  It’s quiet, low impact, and can change its grade based on your preference. Want to go for one of those easy 10 minute strolls after lunch? Hop right on and get to stepping. Want to have a challenge? Increase that incline to your preference. Not only can the treadmill change speeds and angles, but user profiles also allow you to get personalized workout suggestions based on your goals.  

If you’ve been thinking about additions to your home gym, or starting fresh, the Precor 445 is a solid option as one of the best home treadmills in 2022.  


Adam is a fitness professional, baseball fan, and cookie fanatic based in Fort Worth, TX. After hanging up the cleats, he found a strong interest in the human body and how it performs. Since then, Adam has been transforming lives through fitness in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. As an experienced certified coach that is always expanding his horizons, he is constantly moved to help people improve in all walks of life. 

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