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My name is Brogan Morris. I’m 23 years old and have been teaching aerobics classes for about 5 years now. I teach bootcamp, Zumba, Pole dancing, bodyworks, Pilates, aqua fitness, power circuit and more. I’m always up for the challenge to learn a new format.

I danced all throughout middle and high school, but in college I found it hard to continue because it was expensive and I was so busy. I found Zumba, and I fell in love. I got my license and started teaching. From there, my love of fitness only grew. I started teaching other formats, and developed a following. I’ve started a fitness account on nearly every platform… including snapchat… offering free workouts, recipes, tips and more.

Of course, everyone has a story, and I’m no different. I went through my own transformation. My “Freshman 15” turned “freshman 30” all too quick. I wasn’t happy, and I was no longer myself. I decided to make a lifestyle change.

Which turns out to be my number one tip to anyone… it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

I feel that having my own transformation and my own story to tell helps me relate to my clients. I know the struggles their battling with, and I know how difficult a lifestyle change is. It’s no easy task.
But what truly inspires me to continue my fitness path and certified personal trainer career, is seeing others’ results. Watching someone change and reach their fitness goals makes me want to do more! I want to help more people and reach as many as I can!

I also work in news. So I have training in writing, cameras and editing.. so I LOVE making fitness videos.

My goal in the next year is to help as many people as I can. I’ve been studying fitness for many years now, and I want to share what I’ve learned.

I’ve waited years to get my personal training certification, and I’m so grateful to have found a course like NCCPT to give me the chance! I learned more throughout this certified personal trainer course than I have in my years of practice.

When I’m not at the gym, I love dancing, card games and meeting new people. I hope that through my training and knowledge I can inspire others to live a healthy life.

I currently teach classes at Forte Fitness, Allure Dance and LA Fitness. I love each place and am truly fortunate to have such wonderful outlets to hone my skills and continue my education in training. I’m also working on my own challenge to hopefully help others in their fitness journey.

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