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This extremely slippery VR treadmill could be your next home gym

Omni One prototype


Virtual reality startup Virtuix is building a VR treadmill for your home. The Omni One is an elaborate full-body controller that lets you physically run, jump, and crouch in place. Following an earlier business- and arcade-focused device, it’s supposed to ship in mid-2021 for $1,995, and Virtuix is announcing the product with a crowdfunding investment campaign.

The crowdfunded Virtuix Omni started development in 2013. It’s not a traditional treadmill — it’s a low-friction platform that’s used with special low-friction shows or shoe covers and a harness. (You may remember the overall VR treadmill concept from .) As an Omni One prototype video demonstrates, the device basically holds you in place while your feet slide across the platform, and that movement gets translated into a VR environment. We’ve tried earlier iterations of the Omni, and it’s an awkward yet fascinating experience.

Virtuix Omni video clip

The Omni One is more compact than its predecessors, anchoring users to a single vertical bar instead of a ring around the whole treadmill. You can also fold it up and put it away. It will play games from a dedicated store that’s supposed to launch with 30 titles. Virtuix doesn’t have a full list, but it plans to feature third-party games alongside experiences it develops itself, with the latter category including games similar to Fortnite and Call of Duty.

The retail Omni One will be a self-contained system with a standalone headset — it’s being tested with a Pico Neo 2, but Virtuix will decide which headset to use for retail in the coming months. A $995 developer kit will only offer the treadmill portion. For users who want the full package, Virtuix is opening a Regulation A funding campaign, which lets companies sell shares through a crowdfunding-style process. Fans of the concept must invest a minimum of $1,000, and in return, they’ll get a 20 percent discount on the consumer Omni One, or a 40 percent discount if they invest in the first week.

Virtuix isn’t describing these investments as “preorders.” VR crowdfunding campaigns can be a high-risk proposition, since markets and technology can change rapidly as companies are building a product. Virtuix delivered on its promises far better than some VR startups, but the Omni’s purpose still evolved over time. It was conceived as a home gaming system that would ship all over the world, but Virtuix was forced to cancel some preorders after the device became larger and more complex. Virtuix later stopped offering the consumer treadmill to focus on VR arcades. Now, location-based VR has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, although Virtuix says it’s resuming installations for business customers.

The Omni One’s release date was moved up amid a surge of pandemic-driven enthusiasm for high-end home fitness tech. Virtuix describes the treadmill as something like a Peloton bike for gamers and selling it in a similar price range — while fitness isn’t the primary focus, you’ll definitely be moving a lot in this thing. If the Omni One finds a niche (which is, obviously, far from certain) Virtuix will have come full circle by finally making home VR treadmills happen.

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Times like this with so much uncertainty about where you can and can’t workout is a good opportunity to start looking at investing in your own home gym. With little information out there now is a perfect time to pick up some type of exercise equipment be that treadmills, weights or accessories like resistance bands and pull up bars, anything to stop you from falling off your goals. We are looking at some benefits in getting some strength and cardio Equipment for your home so you can easily and safely get your workouts in from the comfort of your home.

Cuts Down On Gym Memberships 

Most households feature more than one person – that equates to more than one gym membership for a household. The beauty of investing in home gym equipment is that you cut down on memberships or trips to the gym. Grab an elliptical and you can ease yourself back into a training regime if you’ve dipped in more recent times. It’s one of the most accessible machines out there for anyone getting started or coming back from injury, but it is also perfect for the more experienced fitness fanatic – basically it’s ideal for everyone in your household!

Cater For Everyone

A treadmill is a machine that offers a multitude of ways for anyone to commit to their fitness regime. Looking to lose calories? There’s a work out for that. Looking for a speed work-out? There’s a work-out for that. Want to get in a 5K walk without having to head out into the rain and wind? The answer is right here!

Take the pressure off 

It can be very tough for parents of young children to stay focused on a fitness regime, but when your gym is literally in your own home, how much easier would that be? Pitch up a multi-gym, treadmill or exercise bike in a spare room or even the corner of the room and you have the peace of mind of not having to leave the house, but you also get some down time for yourself while not neglecting your own fitness.

Having a home gym gives you a chance to offer a great impression to your children too. It allows them to see that their parents take fitness seriously and introduces them to a healthy outlook on life from an early age.

There are so many reasons why a home gym could be the most important bit of equipment you bring into your home this year – can you ignore the benefits?

Check our our brilliant Home Gym Equipment Online and in selected stores .

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‘I created a home gym, trained like an animal’

When the Covid-19 pandemic put football on pause back in March, Dani Ceballos resolved to use lockdown in a positive way – and the results speak for themselves.

The Spain international was outstanding after the restart, delivering a series of superb displays as we finished the campaign on a high with an Emirates FA Cup win.

“Unfortunately the pandemic happened, but on a personal level and from an Arsenal perspective it helped us because we were able to go home and reset,” Ceballos told Arsenal Digital. 

“The coach spoke to me a lot, as he did with many other players at the club. Then when we came back, the team started to progress. We set ourselves the objective of doing better than we had been doing before the pandemic, and I think from that moment forward we were a different team and were able to do well.


💥 Dynamite Dani! | The very best of Ceballos

“It wasn’t really a lockdown for me,” he added. “I created a gym at home and trained like an animal. I knew that when we came back we’d only have 11 games left and I’d need to give everything I had to help the club finish as high as possible. 

“I think you saw the best of me because the team was improving and because during the month and a half of lockdown I trained every single day. I think you could see on the pitch that I was in good shape physically and that’s why I was able to perform so well after the restart.”


Dani at the death! | Ceballos’ late goal wins it

“It wasn’t easy for me to get into the team either because I was coming off the back of a long injury lay-off. I felt like I should be playing but I was wrong about that because I wasn’t fit. The coach was really straight with me and said that if I got myself fit and kept working hard, I’d have a chance of getting back into the team. 

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Joe Rogan Shows Off His New Texas Studio And Home Gym On Instagram

Joe Rogan lost 12 pounds and feels amazing one month into the carnivore diet, shares Instagram video of his weight loss.

Getty Image / Michael S. Schwartz / Contributor

Joe Rogan officially starts his $100 million JRE Podcast contract with Spotify on September 1st. After a few victory-lap episodes at his Los Angeles studio with fellow comedians , Nikki Glaser, and Whitney Cummings and Annie Lederman, Rogan appears to be all-systems go for launch at the new JRE headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Rogan said he’s heading to Texas because “I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere it’s easier to travel to both places, and somewhere where you have a little bit more freedom.” This has lead for all kinds of speculation amongst Rogan fanboys and the comedy scene at large – is the move to avoid California’s hefty state income tax or simply because LA is toast?

A couple weeks ago the podcast host shared a glimpse at the new JRE studio in Texas – a build-out that looks like “the inside of a psychedelic spacecraft meets the cover of a Tool album.

Clearly this is a podcast for a new era, in case you’re wondering what kind of studio set-up $100 million buys.

With just a couple days to go before JRE starts its Texas era, Rogan shared a quick video look at the new studio, noting that “the new JRE studio is almost complete.” With red lights ablaze, the new studio set-up looks like something straight out Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

If HAL hosted a podcast, this is certainly what it’d look like:

View this post on Instagram

The new JRE studio is almost complete. We got wild with this one. Many thanks to the super talented @soundshedstudios for the incredible work putting this place together and @wrightsmithatx for building the killer new studio desk! As my brother @burtwatson4real would say, “WE ROLLIN!” #freakparty

A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on

Also of note: Rogan’s new Texas gym. As a mouthpiece for fitness and personal wellness around the world, the UFC announcer’s private gyms are the stuff of legends. His new gym was built out by Bert Sorin of Sorinex. They’re calling it an “Extraterrestrial Strength Training system”, which is appropriate because it looks like the kind of place that’d leave any mere mortal sore for days:

We are eternally thankful to support the great and powerful @joerogan with his very own Extraterrestrial Strength Training system.

The backlighting is an especially nice touch.

View this post on Instagram

Thank you to the great and powerful @bertsorin of @sorinex and his awesome crew of friendly savages for setting up the dopest home gym I’ve ever seen! @driddy @brittbachterhoff @brettsanders95

A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on

Here’s another view of Rogan’s savage new Texas gym:

View this post on Instagram

We are eternally thankful to support the great and powerful @joerogan with his very own Extraterrestrial Strength Training system. Custom built by @bertsorin and your friendly neighborhood savages of @sorinex #belegendary #sorinex #jre

A post shared by Sorinex ® (@sorinex) on

All we need next is a tour of the sauna and float tank.

Let the Rogan Texas era begin.

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Martyn Ford Uses Insane New Home Gym For Killer Workouts – Fitness Volt

It is every bodybuilder’s dream to have their own, fully equipped home gym. Martyn Ford has been working on his own facility, and it seems to be coming together pretty well.

One of the most recognizable faces in bodybuilding, Ford is an absolutely monster of a man. Although he has moved away from competing, he is still always in the gym and working on keeping up with his enormous physique. He just puts it to use on the big screen now, as opposed to the stage he previously used, and he has shifted his focus to dabbling in MMA on the side.

Naturally, someone as devoted to fitness as Martyn Ford is, would want a top notch home training facility. After a good amount of time working on his gym, he recent posted an update to his Instagram. The set-up looks huge, and equipped with everything he would need.

“So, we are nearly there …. my gym is coming together slowly …. I think this has to be one of the best personal gyms going… @limitlessgymequipment @raze_strength just WOW … can’t wait to get going now and start to make some progress in here …. leg day tomorrow, and I cang wait … @vernonkay I hope you’ve packed your big boy pants for this one 😂😂😂”

A post shared by Martyn Ford (@martynfordofficial) on

Sure enough, Ford did in fact do leg day the next day. His gym is full of equipment, from bench and squat setups, to a track to push sleds. Martyn used that track the next day, to work his glutes. He is pushing massive weight, and doing so in the comfort of his own facility.

A post shared by Martyn Ford (@martynfordofficial) on

Another crazy aspect in his gym, is the fact that Martyn Ford has a place for his own personal DJ to play jams for him during his workouts. Most people would be satisfied with a speaker and stereo system, but not him. Instead he likes to give instructions on how to properly execute the leg press for the best results, then turn to the DJ and tell him to crank the music, before getting to work.

A post shared by Martyn Ford (@martynfordofficial) on

There have been some pretty crazy home gyms that we have seen over the years, especially recently with all the craziness happening in the world. That being said, Martyn Ford certainly seems to have one of the best out there. He has already been able to put things to good work, and it does not seem that he is entirely finished with the building process, but it will be fun to see him break in all his new equipment.

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Joe Wicks gives fans tour of his new house with huge garden and home gym after moving out of £1m Richmond pad – The Sun

JOE Wicks has given fans a tour of his new house after moving out of his £1million Richmond home.

The fitness fanatic, 33, shared a glimpse of his huge home gym and sprawling garden, which features manicured lawns and sleek outdoor furniture.


Joe took to his Instagram Stories to film himself at his empty Richmond pad after packing over the weekend.

He explained: “I have packed up, we’ve been moving the past few days to our new house.

“I have loved living in Richmond, I’ve loved the memories in this house – Indie and Marley [his daughter and son] were both born here, but we’ve outgrown it.”


He went on: “We’re moving on and I’m excited about starting a new chapter of our lives together in our new house.”

Fitness guru Wicks has seen his wealth skyrocket after he became the nation’s PE teacher during lockdown.

The self-styled Body Coach, who was being watched by more than a million fitness fans per session during his peak, banked a massive £1.6million in the last year.

Joe has now settled with his wife Rosie Jones and their kids, Indie, two, and Marley, eight months, in their new digs.


He showed off his massive home gym, which features large windows, wooden floors and plenty of space for all his weights, yoga mats and workout equipment.

He also posted several clips of the family’s amazing garden, writing: “The most beautiful garden.

“I’ve dreamed about having a home like this for my babies to grow up in.”

The garden features stone decking, a striped awning, rattan furniture and an ornately carved table and chairs.


precious bond

Katie Price’s daughter Princess shares sweet post for step-mum Emily’s bday


Katie Price’s pink ‘monstrosity’ Barbie car returned to her drive by ex Kris


Brooke Vincent reveals amazing garden transformation with Aldi bargains

‘my little man’

Louise Redknapp is all smiles on holiday with son Beau as ex Jamie moves on


Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow glows as she reveals baby bump at 29 weeks


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It is framed with perfectly pruned rose bushes and topiary bushes as well as lush palm trees.

Joe’s popularity has soared since the coronavirus lockdown thanks to his daily workouts and newfound status as the nation’s PE teacher.

He had fans in tears after giving his final lockdown PE lesson recently, having raised £500,000 for the NHS.

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Paul McCartney listens to classic ’50s rock ‘n’ roll hits while exercising in his home gym  | Daily Mail Online

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed his playlist for keeping fit

If he over-indulged this Christmas, Sir Paul McCartney knows he can work it out.

The ex-Beatle has revealed his playlist for keeping fit – a ‘great little selection of old rock ‘n’ roll’ on a jukebox in his gym.

Asked what he listens to while he is working out, Sir Paul revealed: ‘I happened to have a great old jukebox that Capitol records gave to each of the Beatles years ago, and it happens to be in the gym area.

‘I listen to all these old records, rock ‘n’ roll music by Chuck Berry, Somethin’ Else by Eddie Cochran, Tutti Frutti by Little Richard – it’s endless. 

I really love it!’ He revealed that he even used to put coins in to select his favourite tracks before finding the credit switch. 

‘Now they’re all free to play,’ he said. ‘So yeah, I’ve been really enjoying that a lot recently.’

The 77-year-old will need to be in good shape this year as he headlines Glastonbury (pictured) in June

The 77-year-old will need to be in good shape this year as he headlines Glastonbury in June. Last month he revealed he would prepare by playing ten concerts ‘to get up to speed’. 

‘You don’t get an athlete coming into the Olympics not having done a few races beforehand,’ he told Radio 4.

Paul McCartney listens to classic ’50s rock ‘n’ roll hits while exercising in his home gym 

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Britney Spears Confesses She Burned Down Her Home Gym With Candles

Britney Spears burned down her home gym six months ago during an unfortunate incident with two candles, the star confessed on a new video. The pop singer posted a clip of herself working out in her reconstructed workout room Wednesday. “Hi guys, I’m in my gym right now,” Spears said. “I haven’t been in here in six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately. I had two candles and, yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down. I only have two pieces of equipment left, so I’m going to show you guys what I do during this time.” She then demonstrates a quick exercise routine that incorporated dumbells and yoga. In the video’s caption, she clarified that she had knocked the candles over with the gym’s door and that no one was hurt. Spears has been especially active on Instagram during coronavirus lockdown.

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Tempo is a home gym that uses computer vision to track your form – The Verge

It’s no secret that the Peloton boom is in full effect, with connected fitness equipment ranging from smart bikes to treadmills, rowing machines, boxing bags, and weight training stations. While they all feature some kind of streamable fitness class that you can watch from the device as you work out, one thing they’re all missing is the ability to tell you if you’re doing the exercise properly.

Tempo is pitching something different. Yes, it’s yet another connected fitness machine that has classes you can stream live or on-demand, but it comes with Microsoft’s Azure Kinect built in to track your form in real time during each exercise. It has a 42-inch HD touchscreen display that streams videos in 4K and offers classes ranging from HIIT, strength training, cardio, and yoga. It also has storage racks behind and below the screen to hold barbells, weighted plates, a foam roller, a wrist-worn heart rate monitor, and a yoga mat that all come as part of the starter kit.

While Tempo does have a camera and microphone built into the machine, the company says these features aren’t activated out of the box. It uses solely the Azure Kinect camera to watch the user’s form and employs dots to plot the user’s movements, locating their muscles and joints to ensure each lift, squat, and slide is done properly.

In my brief demo with Tempo, it automatically told me to sit back a bit more during a squat so my knees didn’t go over my toes. Once I corrected this form, the on-screen prompt also told me I was now doing it right and moved on with the exercise. At the end of the exercise session, you can go over a summary of the exercises you did and whether they required any feedback to correct your form for next time. If you never corrected your form during the exercise, you can also click on the feedback to watch a tutorial video of what you’re actually supposed to be doing.

As you can see in the GIF below, Tempo located my bones and joints and tracked each movement in real time (including the moment I purposely tried to trigger the AI by leaning back too far on a bicep curl). It also anonymizes my face and what I was wearing by using solely dotted plots.

One thing I appreciated with Tempo is that the classes are done in tandem with the coaches themselves. This was something I found less personable and repetitive with Tonal, a weight training system that uses prerecorded exercise videos to loop users through their sets. Tempo also focuses on doing the exercise correctly versus doing a specified amount of reps, though the machine does suggest weights and how many reps you should aim for based on your initial strength test, it’s more about how many you do right within the 30- to 60-second allotted time period per exercise. The computer vision also helps to count those reps and shows on-screen how many you’ve done.

As with most other smart fitness equipment, Tempo does come with a monthly content subscription fee of $49 on top of the equipment price of $1,995 plus tax and shipping / installation. At this time, Tempo only offers one live class daily, but it promises to regularly update the library with new programs and one-off sessions. You can also use the app to browse the schedule and save any class or programs you want to do and add them automatically to your calendar.

Tempo’s starter pack comes with a standard set of weights that add up to 100 pounds when attached to the 25-pound barbell, but Tempo says users can use their own plates if they want something heavier since the barbell is standard sized and isn’t proprietary. Similarly, users can also use their own dumbbells for exercises if they elect not to use the included set.

Tempo launches today and can be reserved with a $250 deposit. It will ship this summer first in the Bay Area and globally in the following few months.

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How to Build a Home Gym

The Starting Strength article library provides content by Mark Rippetoe, Starting Strength Coaches, invited strength coaches, and lifters.

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