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Vibration Exercise Is Your New Favorite Workout – Health

by fitness journalist stock photos For years, companies have been hawking vibration as a form of exercise—from those fat-jiggling waist belts in the ’80s to the vibrating platforms found in many gyms today. Now, a new study in mice suggests there might be some truth to the idea that a vibrating machine may be able to deliver some of the same benefits as actual physical activity. The new research, published in the journal Endocrinology, found that mice with diabetes and obesity had similar improvements in muscle mass and insulin sensitivity over 12 weeks when they were assigned to either 45 minutes of […]

Good Vibrations: Whole Body Vibration Plate For Lipedema Lymphatic Relief

by fitness journalist
Written by Linda Eaves On the 90th day of March 1st, 2020 I was doing my usual commute from  bedroom to bathroom, finally arriving in the living room with my coffee mug to boot up my work laptop. I paused briefly to run a quick mental inventory. Late 50’s, Seattleite, been on every type of diet ever (even had weight loss surgery and regained) and currently – TIRED. Measure, weigh, count, chronicle, all in the hopes of shrinking my body. Squealing brakes sound…pause, stop and regroup. “My Body Is Not An Apology.” – thinking of those words from Sonya Renee Taylor’s […]