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by fitness journalist

Snake rescuer Nick Evans found himself hunting for a large black mamba in a gym-cum-storeroom in Camperdown.

He was in the Pietermaritzburg area on Saturday afternoon to film segments for the second series of his popular television show and YouTube channel, Snake Season, when fellow snake rescuer Pieter Potgieter alerted him.

“We arrived to find a security guard watching the room, to make sure the snake didn’t come out,” Evans said.

“The security guard uses this storeroom as his gym. Among the stored items is a bench-press set-up. He said he was lying down, lifting weights, when a rat jumped up next to him, which caught his attention. When he looked down to his left, he saw the mamba!

“I moved some things to the left, and quickly uncovered the mamba. It looked a biggie!”
Snake catcher Nick Evans

“How he didn’t drop the weight on himself, I don’t know [but] his re-enactment of it was brilliant, especially for the camera.”

Evans initially couldn’t spot the snake, but with the temperature outside 38C, and only one window high up on the wall, he didn’t think it had managed to escape.

“I moved some things to the left, and quickly uncovered the mamba. It looked a biggie!” said Evans. “I moved some old glass panels, and other things before getting a better view.

“Judging by the bulge in its stomach, it caught the rat it was chasing. The capture wasn’t too difficult. I pinned it down as per usual, but as I grabbed it, it thrashed its body with more force than the average mamba. It was a powerful snake, not happy to go down without a fight.”

Evans, who was thrilled to get the footage on camera, as he’d had a ‘mamba drought’ for the past two weeks, said the snake was released in a nearby reserve.

If you are looking for help to catch a snake, contact Nick Evans at 072 809 5806.

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