Hey! Here are the best Home Gym Exercise Equipment’s of 2019

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Getting Rid Of Fat And Gaining Muscle Tone

If you don’t give two hoots about strength and just want to tone up, then this the path you need to take: get the ultra-cool looking Bowflex PR1000. The fact is that this machine performs as well as it looks. It has been touted as one of the more complete home gym systems available in the market today. My thought echo the same, also if you are just starting out, the PR1000 makes a great impression for beginners.

Bowflex Systems have received a lot of flak for not having weights to provide resistance but rather using iron rods. I was initially a non-believer too but then you can’t knock anything without having tried it first. So I did just that, and it felt great! It offers about 201lbs of resistance and you can use it for up to 30 different exercises.

Another option to tone up your body is the Weider Ultimate Body Works. This machine was created for toning bodies up rather than building additional muscle. It has low weight resistance, about 50lbs above your own body weight but you can get proper high-intensity training on it.

Other machines like “The Total Body Gym” advertised by Chuck Norris are overpriced in comparison and offer the very same mechanics. So don’t bother with those. This machine has about 516 reviews and still maintains 4.5 stars. This is even more impressive considering the fact most people on e-tailer sites vote exercise machines down because they don’t get the desired results.

Exercise equipment reviews under budget 2019

Bowflex PR1000 is the choice for people who want to build strength on their way to a fully toned physique. The Weider Ultimate Body Works are for people trying to burn fat and lose weight. They are both exceptional equipment that you can buy and expect them to deliver great results.

How Experienced Are You?

Simply put, how long have you been pushing/pulling weights? Do you just want to get rid of flab or are you a powerlifter who doesn’t like to wait in queue for your turn for bench presses?

If you are just getting into home gyms or looking to reduce some flab on your body, then you’re in the right place. The Bodycraft Galena Pro system will be a great addition for first-timers to their home workout routine. It has a myriad of ways to get more out of it and is extremely flexible to incorporate into your home gym lifestyle. It has a huge number of resistance training types and it’s a great multi-tool for beginners. This repertoire of movements teaches you the basics of each exercise and focuses on developing each body part.

If you find the price-tag daunting, the Bowflex PR1000 is an excellent substitute. It’s extremely beginner friendly and there are lots of workouts that go along with it.

Experienced Lifters

If you are familiar with weights and different exercises then you’ll find that the earlier models just do not cut it when it comes providing you a challenging workout. For this reason, there are several specialized machines available for the experts.

The Gold’s Gym XR55 immediately comes to mind. It is robust and provides enough resistance for even seasoned lifters. It has a variety of exercises that can focus on different body parts and gives them a thorough workout.

But even this is not a complete solution. An experienced lifter needs equipment like a power rack and other specialized gym equipment with bumper plates if they’re really serious. We also have a great guide you want to check out about buying the right Power Rack.

Rogue Fitness has a complete setup complete with quality equipment that feels worth your hard-earned money. There are a variety of packages that can give you exactly what you want depending on your requirements.

For example, the W4 package includes the most commonly used equipment for serious lifters, including, barbell, power rack (wall mounted), weights and other goodies. You can further customize this with several add-ons like an adjustable bench and so on. If you feel that is too much for you then you can opt for the Charlie package which comes with everything else except the rack.

The best part about retailers like Rogue Fitness is that you can pick and choose whatever you want, have room for, and fits your budget.

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