Home Gym Raid with: Grant’s Four Tips on Setting Up Your Home Gym

by fitness journalist

In this home gym raid, we talk to PowerBuilder Grant Teng and ask him for some tips and tricks in setting up your home gym. Are you pandemic-proofing your gym workouts? Then listen up!

Grant says, “If you’re building your home gym, you need to consider several things.”

Measure, measure, measure!

Before you start shopping, make sure you measure your allotted space. This includes the length, width, and HEIGHT of your future home gym. It’s surprisingly common to see someone purchase gym equipment, and underestimate the space requirements (no height clearance to use the pull-up bar on your squat rack, no turning space to move your bench around, no room to load your plates on a 7ft bar, etc.). Save yourself the trouble of having to resell your equipment and replacing it with smaller pieces by measuring everything out ahead of time.

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Design and Layout

After you’ve measured out your space, try to make a basic layout. You probably don’t need an interior designer or an architect to plan your home gym out, but you need to consider how much space each piece takes up, and how much space you may need to move around.

If you’re looking to save on space, you must trim down the non-essentials, especially those that consume a lot of space. In most cases, you don’t need that giant exercise ball, multiple plyo boxes, or a 5-100lb dumbbell set with a rack. Save your space for the equipment you know you need.

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You can also opt for adjustable dumbbells or folding racks. They can get a bit pricey but are definitely something you need to look at if space is your main concern. You might also want to consider purchasing equipment that can fulfill several needs, such as a power cage with a pulley or a combo leg curl/leg extension.

An important piece of equipment here? A tape measure!

Your Wallet

For gym equipment, don’t sacrifice quality for the price!

Another obvious consideration to setting up a proper home gym is your budget. If you’re running on a tight budget, I encourage you to spend first on high-quality essential pieces such as a solid rack, adjustable bench, and barbell. It’s a real pain trying to sell off low-quality equipment at a huge loss, so make sure you get something you can use for a long time.

Once you have these key pieces, you can buy yourself a few pairs of plates (they don’t need to be the most expensive plates), and some light dumbbells. You can buy additional plates, heavier dumbbells, and maybe a few machines assuming space is available in the future and depending on your needs.

The Right Supplier!

My last piece of advice is to buy from a credible supplier. Do your research! Avoid purchasing from sellers/resellers that know nothing about what they’re selling. They don’t need to be elite lifters or fitness personalities, but they should at least know the basics, and be able to weed out good equipment from junk. If they’re knowledgeable, they should know the strengths and limitations of their products. Protect yourself from potential injury, and protect your hard-earned cash, by crowdsourcing, checking reviews, and doing basic background checks on the suppliers you plan on buying from.

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If you’re looking for quality gym equipment for your home or commercial gyms, you can check our full product line and price list on our website .

If you have any concerns about setting up your home gym, DM Grent on Instagram @_greglifts or @ironsupply.ph and he’ll be more than willing to help you find what you need.

That wraps up Grent’s top four of setting up your home gym. Watch out for more of our home gym raids and get top tips from elite athletes and sought after suppliers.

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