Home Gym: Steps and Essentials

by fitness journalist

A good physique is all we love, don’t we? Be it a man or a woman, and everyone wants to look perfect.  To maintain good health and fit body, there is no alternative for a gym.

But how many of us have time? I am pretty sure many of us don’t have the time and opportunity to go for a workout session in the gym. Would you love to have a gym of your own?

You can have a gym of your own, and it isn’t a difficult task too. To build a good home gym, you need some planning and preparations. A home gym can pretty much be a possibility for all of us to some extent. You can enjoy the gym facilities at your place if you are fortunate enough to have ample space for lifting equipment.

Home gyms provide the flexibility and opportunity to use anything at home to support your strength goals and muscle building. It is indeed a great chance to work out at any time of the day to improve your health and fitness. Fitness lovers have been opting for home gyms for many years.

Building a home gym can be a self-empowering process apart from the benefits it provides with. Cultivating a space for personal growth, development, and hobbies is a good idea. You might have dreamt of a private gym many times. Now it’s time to turn the dream into reality.

Steps You Need to Follow

If you are a beginner, then you might find it intimidating to build a home gym. You may not know where to start and how to start. Don’t be worried, and this article aims to help you out.

Take a breath and break it down step-by-step; it’s not as hard or costly as it initially might seem.

The five necessary yet essential steps are pointed below. You may try this too.

1. Dedicating Some Space

It is better to have a larger space, but the first step is to locate a spot and clear a space for a home gym. You can choose your garage, basement, or anywhere else in the house. Pointing the right place is a crucial step. Once you are done with selecting the site, you are ready to go.

If there isn’t enough room at all, try to make room with 4x 8 feet. You can do hundreds of different exercises in this space. As you tend to continue, work to keep as much “exposed space” as you can. You also need to move freely, keep that in mind while choosing the spot.

2. Buying First Piece of Equipment

You should buy the first piece of equipment according to your choices or goals. You can start with a barbell. The barbell is the heart muscle of any gym. You might opt for buying some plates (bumpers or iron).

Bumpers and iron go hand-in-hand. Hundreds of physical exercises can be performed with this combination of instruments, and you can do both strength and endurance workouts.

If you are trying to save some bucks, then you can choose Craigslist or other used marketplaces. There are a lot of places where you might find the desired items at a low price.

Iron or Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are meant to be safely dropped from overhead. If you are trying Olympic lifts and bumper plates are your ultimate choice. They are more extensive than steel plates because the rubber is not as dense as iron. They are costlier as it is not easy to make a product that can survive drops from overhead for years. Remember that steel plates with a thin rubber coating are not bumper plates. Even though bumper plates are expensive, but offer more flexibility because they can be used for all barbell lifts in a safer way.

If you are planning to do lifts like the bench, squat, deadlift, and other lifts where you are not lifting the weights above the waist, then iron plates are all you need. Generally, iron plates have durability, and you don’t need to spend a huge sum of money. If you are buying from the used marketplace, then you can buy at $o.50 a pound. You must add some flooring if you choose an iron plate.

3. Don’t Skip Flooring

If you have no budget issue, then traditional Flooring is the best option. But if you are trying to save money, then there are alternative options available.

Adding a floor might help you while doing push-ups or burpees.  It will help to reduce some of the noise that the barbell makes when accidentally dropping to the ground.

A suitable flooring will let you enjoy your exercise time better. With a good flooring mat, you can perform any exercise anywhere in the gym. You will enjoy the versatility and freedom of doing different activities.

4. Buying the Second Targeted Piece of Equipment

Based on your goals and planning, you should buy the second most important piece of workout equipment. You can buy something new like a squat rack. For a leg day, you don’t need to go to the gym! A pull-up bar or piece of cardio (heart) equipment would also be reliable options. You can do it on a budget too.

5. Being Regular and Making Time for Home Gym

Don’t skip the workout sessions. Don’t be a lazy guy. Try to dedicate at least one or two workouts a week in the home gym with what you currently have. While saving time, you try to learn something new.

To build a perfect home gym, you shouldn’t do hurry, and these first five steps do not have to happen all at once. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. Once you get the essential works done and know that you want to make the gym grow big, then the other items can be added.

A home gym setup will be a pretty good investment, even if you are a traditional gym lover. Home gym paves the way to easy access to fitness, and you cannot help but love it.

Home Gym Essentials You Need

Once you are done with setting a home gym up, you are going to buy the essentials your gym needs. There are lots of essentials and equipment available in the marketplace. You may choose according to your taste and necessity.

You must figure out what do you want to achieve with your home gym equipment. If you are looking for weight lifting and bodyweight resistance training, then you shouldn’t bother with the cardio equipment. Before making any purchase, determine your necessity.

budget is an important issue. Depending on the function, equipment may range from 10 to seven thousand dollars. So you need to make financial planning first.

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