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Fitness industry has revolutionized and with that, you’ll see plenty of new equipment finding their place not in gyms but also in homes. People have become more conscious about their body shape and we can easily relate it to the growing influence of their favorite drama or movie stars. Because when you see their impeccable photos on social media, their well-maintained body shape does envy you. After all, who doesn’t want a perfectly toned body but wait a minute. If you are still devouring crabs gluttonously then you have to pause, and think again. This is not getting you anywhere unless you have a firm dedication to quit your unhealthy eating habits and start working to get into a shape. Yes, sadly you have to say goodbye to pizza, burger or any junk food with lots of cheese and carbs.

Power bag filled with sand bags is an instrumental fitness equipment that comes along with handles which allows upper and lower body training. An excellent tool to increase your explosive power and equally good for sprinters who want to escalate their functional strength.

Power bag, as the name suggests, is a versatile training equipment that you can use in a variety of strength training exercises as well as for sculpting multiple muscle groups. In a gist, the name power bag itself implies power, strength, and intensity so you must rightly expect additional intensity in your workout routine.

As Coronavirus restricted everyone to their homes, home gym equipment became everyone’s new favorite. And why they wouldn’t be? They are easily accessible to train anytime and that too within the comfort of your home. What else you need when all you need is to change your PJ’s and get into a workout mode.

we want you to have an in-depth knowledge about this power tool so let’s discuss why power bag is a must-have home gym equipment. Because its versatile and it got that X factor. Yes, that we know but let’s dive in to know what other characteristics make this one of the best home gym training gear.


What takes people back to quarter one in their fitness game when they happen to set their foot on a right track? Skipping their gym classes either due to busy schedule or because of travel. So why not bring all the gym essentials that can also be your travel partner. Basically, the straps of the bag make it easy to carry it from one place to another. Though we are not saying that it is completely a hassle-free process to take a sand filled bag with you, but hey it’s not an equipment made with cast iron that you find hard to move. You think you won’t make it back to home at time after late hours meeting then don’t forget to throw it in your car. Take advantage of your break time and feel the explosive power skyrocket in totally unconventional way.

Power Bag Vs Kettlebells

Oh it’s like choosing your favorite between Superman and Batman. Two super heroes with equally amazing powers have quite often left their fans at sixes and sevens for a pick. Same is the case with these two totally remarkable fitness gears. But we are not leaving you hanging in the air to choose one because the key is to understand their own uniqueness and differences, and to incorporate them in your workout routine according to your body need. If you are not a big fan of lifting iron-made tools because let’s accept not everyone is comfortable in swinging heavy iron balls, then power bag is the right option for you. 

What we think is a delightful trait of both tools is that you are guaranteed to gain heck of a strength and grip power that you can’t achieve with any other implements. The capability to lift kettlebells one handed, the variability and three dimensional nature of sandbag allows you to perform variety of moves and angles that are almost impossible to get through otherwise. Plus, if conditioning is your main goal, then you’ll be happy to know that you can use sand bag as a substitute of kettlebells.

If you are a person who feels fascinated with attention to details in the designing of a product then you won’t be disappointed with XN8 Sports Power Bag. Available in various colors to give an aesthetic touch to a bag of sand that your mind already perceives as dull. Why we are suggesting Xn8 Sports power bag? Because it’s handles are covered with nylon fabric for smooth grip so you don’t experience any slip of hand while practicing a drill. It’s robust stitching makes it last for long, and we honestly don’t want you to spend money on something that might break your heart by falling apart.

Different Weights

Human body works amazingly by adjusting to routine we introduced it to. But at the same time, we must understand its mechanism and what it is telling us once exposed to different habit or routine. Speaking of which, sandbags come in variety of colors and styles as well as in different weights. You must know your body’s ability to lift weights and it totally depends on your fitness level, so pick one that matches your fitness goals and body requirement. For instance, if you are complete beginner then start with something as low as 10kg. Give your body some time to adjust to weight and then gradually increase the weight. Before beginning sandbag fitness training, it’s not right to assume that how much weight you can handle.    

Why Power Bag is Great for Training

Dynamic Resistance

Using a power bag in your training changes the dynamics of your workout session. One main training benefit while utilizing a power bag is that the sand keeps shifting and there is no fixed center of gravity. This is what we call dynamic resistance, and it aids our ability to balance and hold the object in its place while performing various movements.

Increases the Use of Core Muscles

Now that is a unique way to increase the engagement of your core muscles other than planks and crunches. Use of fitness equipment is a great way to add intensity in your workout routine, and also to work on your core muscles groups to build a stronger core. Lifting and holding a power bag will do an exceptional job of firming up your torso and core, which can enable greater force transfer through the body in other lift.

Complete Body Workout

What is more relieving than using a single fitness equipment that helps you achieve a full body workout goal? A power bag normally has four to six handles to allow you to move it in different ways depending on the muscle group you want to target. Xn8 Sports power bag has lamina hide leather exterior, which means it is impact-resistant and washable and it ranges from 10 to 25 kg in weight.

If you never thought about incorporating a fitness bag in your workout regime, then you are missing to add this great piece of equipment in your home gym. Believe it not, these bags are staple training tools to enhance body conditioning, stability and performance especially if you are an athlete.

While looking for any training equipment, affordability of the product is the first thing that hits your mind. Training equipment can get costly, and if you are not sure that you are going to stick with power bag training, then you might not feel like spending any money on this amazing tool.  Fortunately, Xn8 Sports power bag is affordable and long-lasting, which means you won’t have to spend your money again and again.


Excellent for beginners and professionals alike, either to work on the useful movements of the compound lifting or to add new challenge, weighted power bag will helps in taking your training sessions to next level. The training power bag works on various planes of motions and take basic compound lifts and make them even more challenging. We hope that the information we shared with you will be useful for you in making a final decision if you are determined to start power bag training.

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