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Build a Home Gym for Less than $200 Using These Tips!

From home gym flooring to home gym machines, there is a lot to consider when designing your personal gym at home. Sure, we need to consider things like the amount of space you have to bring this concept to life. But we also need to keep in mind your budget. 

Building a home gym sounds like a super pricey ordeal. But in reality, it really doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips you can use to build a home gym for less than $200.

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Before you set out to build your home gym, you should have clearly outlined fitness goals. This will help you decide which items are absolutely necessary for your gym space. 

If you don’t have clear goals in mind, you may end up buying a bunch of unnecessary that you’ll probably never use. This is a waste of both time and space. So do yourself a favor and figure out what it is you wish to achieve before you get started on building. 

Substitute Workout Machines for Cheaper Alternatives

Workout machines can undoubtedly be one of the most expensive aspects of a home gym. It can also take up a ton of space. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need the fancy machinery. You may find that , , , and work some of those muscles in the same way that a machine would. 

This is also where fitness goals come into play. If you are working primarily on building strength, there’s no need to invest a bunch of money in a ton of expensive cardio machinery. Instead, you may want to invest that money in items that will have a direct impact on your strength-building routine. 

Use Inexpensive Padded Flooring

You don’t have to get crazy with your home gym flooring. A couple of will get the job done. When I built my first home gym in the basement of my townhouse, I simply used a few foam mats from Five Below to give me the cushion I needed. 

Buy Used

If you are trying to build a home gym for under $200, I highly recommend buying used whenever possible. You can check out the Facebook marketplace for some really good deals on fitness equipment. 

Believe it or not, you can actually score some pretty high-quality used items. When it comes to those more expensive items on your checklist, definitely consider buying used. 

Take Advantage of Deals and Cash Back Offers

As I always say, the ultimate goal is to . Take advantage of limited-time offers, coupons, and . And if you have a , make sure you use that for your shopping! 

What are some must-haves for your home gym? Feel free to share in the comments!

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