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Smart Fitness Equipment is becoming more popular than ever because of the ability to bring instructor lead classes into your own home gym. With smart fitness mirrors like the  and Smart Fitness Studio Cycles like the , there’s no need to commute to a gym anymore because you get the studio experience at home.

The Hydro rowing machine uses a unique type of resistance. It utilizes an electromagnetic drag mechanism with computer-controlled resistance.

What also standout to this smart rowing machine is the ultra-smooth rowing motion that is designed to simulate the feel of rowing out on the water. While other air or water rowers available today can achieve this as well, but the Hydro row does it better.

If you have used an air rower, you probably have noticed that the resistance level is dependent on how fast or slow you pull the chain. The slower you row, the lower the resistance, the faster you row, the higher the resistance. So, if you are used to air rowing machines, then you will find the  responds the same way.

The  features a striking 22” 1920 by 1080 Full HD touch screen resolution with front-facing dual 3W speakers and a ton of cool interactive workout features. 

Keep in mind that the  doesn’t have the option of streaming your favorite video streamers like Netflix, Youtube, or Amazon Prime, but that is not the purpose of this smart rower. The main purpose is to virtually immerse you into a whole new rowing experience, and not watch reruns of Seinfeld.

The monitor’s angle can be adjusted as well as be able to rotate so you can easily see the display for workouts out of the rowing seat. This is great for when you want to follow along with the instructor during mat workouts like yoga or ab exercises just as you would while rowing. 

Mind you, this is a common body reaction to any fitness machine if you have never used it before. After a few workouts, you shouldn’t feel sore afterward, unless you push yourself to a new resistance limit on the rowing machine.

Product Shipments tend to leave the Hydrow warehouse within 2-4 days when ordered during business hours. You can read more about their  on their website. 

Below is a video that will give you a better idea of what to expect when setting up your rower. 

Because this is a well-built fitness machine, it does weigh around 150 lbs so with it being heavy you don’t want to move it around as much if you don’t have to. You should find a dedicated space in your home, and try to leave it there if possible.

While some Hydrow rower reviews from customers would like to see a higher warranty on the electronic components, as electronics tend to have a higher risk of something going wrong, but for most electronic items today, 2-years is usually standard.

Also, Hydrow has an incredible support team that is always there for you to help you with any issues that may happen. 

If you have been looking for a smart rower, you probably have heard of the . When smart rowers began entering the market, Concept2 Model D was the industry standard that other fitness brands were trying to compete with.

The Concept2 Model D rower (pictured above) is the choice for most competitive athletes because of its history of durability, reliability, and constant high quality. 

When checking out the Hydrow website, you will notice that the company offers several package deals including the  and the Hydrow Pro package. They also offer various add-on training accessories that you can add to improve your Hydrow experience. You can visit their  to check the latest prices.

The Hydrow rowing machine is clearly worth the money if your budget allows it. It offers a unique rowing experience with great user features. The membership provides you access to their broad collection of workout videos as well as live workouts and coaching.

If you want access to Hydrow’s live-streaming content and workout video catalog then you will have to pay a monthly membership fee of USD 38. You also have the option to pre-pay in advance for a full year’s membership.

Yes, you can use Hydrow rowing machine without a subscription. Keep in mind that the membership is vital to the Hydrow experience, and you would be missing out on its key features. Without a membership, the Hydrow rowing machine has basic functionality, and only operates in “Just Row Mode.

If you are bored of the old-fashioned gym experience and looking for a fun and interactive answer to working out from home then you should absolutely consider buying a Hydrow. You’ll be receiving a smart fitness machine of the highest quality with the ability to instruct you and train you to reach your fitness goals.

Hydrow rowing machine is a fantastic fitness machine for beginners new to rowing or those looking for a new way to work out. This smart rowing machine has instructional videos to help you learn and improve your indoor rowing technique. You’ll also get access to coaching tips and workouts for expert coaches.

For the latest Hydrow deals and offers you should check their .

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy The Hydrow Rower?

Congrats, you have made it to the end of this Hydro Rower Review! If you made it this far then you must be interested in this rower. If you are wanting to know if you should buy the Hydrow indoor rowing machine, then the answer is yes, if you have the budget to add this smart rower to your home gym.

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