Love Island’s Adam Collard is ‘playing a game’ and went on the show to boost his publicity as a personal trainer, says friend

by fitness journalist

EX-Love Island star Alex Beattie claims his best friend Adam Collard is “playing a game” in the villa – and won’t hesitate to pie off girls he’s not interested in.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, Alex said 22-year-old bad boy Adam wants to stay in for as long as he can to find his real type on paper.

Last year’s Love Island star Alex Beattie is best pals with Alex Collard who is in the villa

And so far it seems he’s not bothered about who he hurts to get exactly what he wants, with hopes of boosting his career as a personal trainer in the process.

Alex told us: “He’s having a wind-up with everyone.

“It’s strange to see, just knowing him and then seeing what he’s being like in there.

“Adam’s playing with people in there.

“He’s in the villa to do exactly what everyone else is in there to do, to stay in the game.”

The 22-year-old has already broken one of the islanders hearts in the first few days of the show

Alex added: “Adam’s not going to hang around to wait for someone. He’s really trying to have something with somebody, he’s going to jump on the opportunities he gets, like the new girl Rosie.”

But despite ruffling feathers in the first week of the show, Alex insists Adam is a grower… and will settle down when he finds the right girl.

Adam has been locking lips with Rosie after dumping Kendall

He said: “Once he’s involved with a girl he’ll be totally fine. You’ll see the softer side will come out.

“He just wants to have what he knows he wants.

“When he gets that then I can imagine he’ll chill out a bit and I don’t think he’ll be bothered about what everyone else is doing.”

As Adam’s Instagram page suggests, the personal trainer is a fitness fanatic who Alex says is using the show as a platform for his business.

Alex and Adam have been friends for the past two years after meeting at the gym
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He added: “Taking it off the success of last year, I can imagine everyone will be using Love Island for a platform.

“Adam wants to do more with his gym and fitness things. It’s an opportunity for everyone to find somebody and also an opportunity to boost or start your career.”

Quizzed on whether Alex thinks Adam has his eyes on the prize by going all the way in the fourth series, he said: “This early on I don’t think winning the show is on many people’s minds, I think everyone feels vulnerable.

Adam has been crackin’ on with Rosie
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“You do feel like that if you’re not in something solid or in something that you know could go somewhere.

“Everyone is more worried about finding someone they can get a bit further in the show with.”

According to Alex, Rosie is a good match for Adam because she’s similar to his ex-girlfriend.

Alex, who became friends with fellow Geordie Adam after meeting in the gym two years ago, said: “His ex-girlfriend is a blend between Rosie’s looks and Kendall’s personality.

Last year Alex found love with Montana Brown

“I think his normal type is probably more Rosie. She’s a bit more lively. Kendall did have a lovely personality, but I think he wanted some excitement and fun to enjoy his time there.

“That’s what he’s looking for and she seems to have that sort of vibe about her.

“I can see them having a future visually, yes, but God knows how they’ll get on.”

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