Mo lost 23kg in 16 weeks with help from his ATP Personal Trainer

by fitness journalist

What has been the greatest difference in your life since working with ATP Personal Training?

Since working with an ATP Personal Trainer I can say that there have been a number of big improvements. My self-confidence, knowledge of food, general happiness and well-being have all increased dramatically.

Nutrition has been so important, that was an area where I feel like online, there’s so many different resources. Everyone feels like they have the perfect recipe for you. And mainly my biggest confusion point was just understanding what was best for my body and my personal goals as well. And having my coach to be able to educate me, on understanding the macro breakdown for the typical foods I eat and then finding more suitable foods from a macro perspective that were still delicious and something I could enjoy. And then getting feedback along the way as we tweak, as we shift our goals, moving forward through the journey, modifying the macro balance along the way. I think that was something that was invaluable and I’m really grateful for what I was able to learn through that.

My friends were blown away by my weight loss! In total I lost 23kg working with ATP. Everyone was very surprised and proud of my physical transformation.

My Coach Jac has been awesome, she’s been my biggest cheerleader, she’s not afraid to push back when I complain, she’s been consistent with showing up 7:00 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday for me, which is, of course appreciated working around my work schedule. And she’s always responsive on WhatsApp when I have random questions throughout the week.  Even if she doesn’t have the immediate answer off top of her head, which is very rare, she’ll do the due diligence to follow up and get back to me, which is always appreciated.

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